9/11: A Thermographer's Experience at Ground Zero

I don't know if this article and the information therein will help out 9/11 Truth, but you never know. It's interesting informationally and as a personal account of that day by someone who was very close to the action. There are some interesting images there, and maybe she has a lot more that aren't published. Heard about through ae911truth.org contacts.

As practicing thermographers, we expect each day to provide new experiences and teach new lessons. September 11, 2001, taught every American a life-altering lesson. This paper presents an account of that day by an ordinary thermographer who was working across the street from the World Trade Center that morning and suddenly found herself in an extraordinary situation. This paper details the thermographer's thoughts and experiences while making the long journey home.


(it's new to me, and I couldn't find anything on 911Blogger via search — there is probably a lot of stuff like this "out there" that people don't know about — some of which probably has some important information that hasn't been noticed)

Could be extremely important- we need to keep digging

Hello Doughnut,

My experience in cryogenics, optics, and imaging/interferometry (radio and infrared up through gamma and cosmic rays) make me think this is extremely important information (that could likely be damning of the FEMA and NIST reports' "fire collapse" theories). The fires don't look very hot or very widespread in the 2 thermal photos that I reviewed on this link.

Thank you very much for this post

Plane part evidence

Someone needs to confirm the plane part they say that they possess. It looks like the strut from a hydraulic cylinder to me, yet it has no visible damage. What possessed these people to presume it was ok to hold onto evidence? I'll pursue this with Pilots for Truth to find out if their are any members who can help resolve identification of the plane part. I don't know how to read thermal images, but at a first glance, the temperature bar on the left tops at 150 C, how do we get 1000+ C from a thermal image like this? I want to request to her to review my research/report regarding the falsification of the NASA/JPL/USGS thermal image dated 09/13/01, found at http://www.centralmass911truth.org/usgsthermalimages.html

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I assumed they took a photo and then turned it in. But it should be looked into.

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