9/11 Tyranny develops in the silence

Jim Kirwan

This government has made a deal with every man, woman and child in this country ­ it's a one-sided arrangement made at birth, and not open to discussion or negotiation. This needs to change.

The further down on the food-chain a person is, the greater is the share taken by the government from that individual's life. The irony is that very few people understand just how much this unseen but deeply felt arrangement, has come to shape both the quality and the depth within their individual lives.

In the case of 911 the record of inequality, between the public and the government is obscene. The public paid for protection from attacks, such as those on 911: Yet no protection was provided. Afterwards the government chose not to investigate and those responsible chose not to discipline themselves, so in the end the same people that allowed 911 to happen have been dictating US policies ever since. In some cases the guilty parties were actually promoted after they failed to do their jobs on 911, and that's just for starters. Did no one resent this sorry state of depleted leadership!

It's been six long years now and it's time to review the public record.
'We' paid for the military hardware, the software, and for all the personnel involved: yet US citizens were and still are the targets of this government's illegal spying programs early on. We also suffered the loss of Habeas Corpus and our Constitutional right to an attorney along with the right to a fair and open trial, if as defendants we are deemed to be "enemy combatants." But ordinary citizens have also lost their right to freely assemble or to demand redress for our grievances with the government-we have also lost the right to publicly disagree with "our" elected officials (no person that disagrees with the scheduled political speakers can be allowed to attend public speaking events): Because this would be "a threat to national security."

"We" pay to fly on commercial aircraft: yet we are treated worse than a herd of cattle being sent to slaughter, mostly by minimum wage unqualified people who treat the public like prisoners. In fact our every action is now suspect "before the fact" by virtue of the idea that "We-are-at-War."

The FBI has no interest whatever in Osama bin Laden ­ yet every person that expresses an idea about the wars, or whose views run counter to the Cheney-Bush line are automatically suspected of "collaborating with the enemy," and are hence officially treated as a potential terrorists. If the supposed mastermind for 911 is not of-interest to the FBI, then why are ordinary people that question the government's actions-considered to be a major threat to the national security interests of the United States? (1)

We have paid for these wars in both blood and treasure. We all have, and the poorer people are; the greater the percentage of what they have that must go directly to their silent partners-the US government.

What do most people get in return from their silent partner when they find themselves in need? They get more fines; more taxes, more intimidation and enough red-tape to wrap around the World Trade Center twice over, plus they get fewer opportunities for assistance with every passing day. Government has shut out the people that must work to ensure the profits of others. Government has also turned a deaf ear to those that have to look to the government, to honor that silent compact, with the bulk of the 300 million-plus- people over whom government supposedly governs.

This is a two-tiered system, just like "Criminal Just-us System" and every other facet of this government. It may be a two tiered system but the whole thing is a one-way street that accommodates the rich and makes road kill out of every one that isn't wealthy. Those with money live by just a few unspoken rules, but the poor face literally millions of rigid laws that must be obeyed. For these people there are no exceptions and there are 'zero- tolerance' initiatives, for any deviation from the most rigid interpretation of the LAWS-but only for the bottom four-fifths the upper fifth gets a permanent pass!

The compact between the people and their government has long since ceased to be an agreement; because an 'agreement' implies a discussion. The people of this nation have been kidnapped by this government that is supposed to serve them. Citizens are no longer represented by their congressional representatives, by the courts or by the White House - so to quote from the Boston Tea-Party: "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny!" Apparently the time has come to renegotiate the terms of our servitude and their employment. We know that this is no longer a "government of, by or for the people." And we know that they need us far more than we need them. so why have we not complained?

We have not complained because we are no longer a people "in touch with the vitality of life." We, as a society, no longer understand labor. The only sweat most ever expend is done in a gym or on a treadmill. Far too many know nothing about the difference between a real threat to their lives, and the far more frequent authoritarian attempts by the government or the corporations to intimidate: In other words we simply don't speak the same language anymore! And since this is the case-despite the fact that we have 90 weapons for every one-hundred people-too many people will respond like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Because if and when the moment comes to actually physically resist a totalitarian government takeover: the individuals threatened may not know the difference between a warning and a real threat. That will produce a critical moment of hesitation that could be fatal!

This is not a matter of having weapons-it is a matter of knowing how to recognize the situation that might require the use of those weapons. But with so little 'real-life experience' and with too much distance-learning ­ usually from television ­ or from text- books that attempt to teach abstractions of situational circumstances that have to be lived in order to be understood: the American public is thus overripe to be taken over by the over-eager police-state that is hovering over everything we do right now.

How else to explain how often we have chosen to accept the lies this government spews-when we know deep down that they are lying through their teeth?

Today, on 911: Speaker after speaker espoused that thoroughly discredited official fairy-tale about what happened on 911. In the last six years every aspect of this unholy fiction has been carefully and scrupulously shot to pieces: and yet here they were today, on national television, repeating the original lies ­ barefaced-as if every word were true! The numbers say that roughly 75 % of the populace disbelieved the government's accounts of that day. How could the media do what it did today, with no mention that any of these "facts" have ever been challenged? They did what they did because they know that the American public is too fearful to raise these topics openly, on their own, before the eyes of the whole-world.

The federal response to Katrina is similar in that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) had the ultimate responsibility for the protection and safety of those affected by that catastrophe. Instead the feds pointed to the states and the states pointed at the cities, and two years on ­ still almost nothing has been done except a lot of privatization contracting (schools, hospitals and real-estate) that will strip the life from what was once called New Orleans. What happened to the voice of the rest of America on that topic-probably the same thing that happened when we developed a national case of dead silence compounded by a willful blindness to all the actual facts concerning 911.

Americans have always loved television crime programs: CSI, lawyers unending, Law & Order ­ so what happened to that fascination when it came to the biggest crime to hit this nation in its entire history? They have watched hundreds of thousands of hours of detectives and cops and lawyers pouring over all kinds of complexities and criminal schemes: but in the case of 911, suddenly everyone became utterly stupid!

Who owned the buildings and who was the security firm responsible for the buildings before they were hit? Afterward, who examined the videotapes, and what could be determined from those videotapes-did any of this matter? There were also dozens of engineering reports about the way the steel beams had been cut as by a knife through butter and at forty-five degree angles no less. Why was the steel along with all the debris hustled out of the city so quickly ­ in secret no less, with nothing left behind for forensic analysis? Ask Rudy Giuliani, because he's was 'the man-in-charge' that made that deal to obstruct any real investigation. Moreover who had the most to gain from this event ­ was it the political machine that had hungered for another "Pearl harbor for over 40 years, or a rich Saudi capitalist with a passion to punish America?

There are also the video-tapes of the supposed end of flight 93 ­ in an open field in Pennsylvania-no fire, no trace of blood found anywhere, not even any parts of any aircraft ­ just a ten by twenty foot slash in the ground with some ash and a few broken trees, Instead of an investigation we got a feature length Hollywood film about the heroes of Flight 93, and nothing more has been officially said. (2)

As for the Pentagon ­ that was not a plane either, the windows of the building were not broken on either side of the single round hole that was the entry point. There were no bodies inside the wreckage that could have been passengers, and there was no debris from the supposed aircraft in that event either. The engines that would have to have struck the building must have melted because neither of those Rolls-Royce engines nor the wings on from which they had been mounted left any marks upon the Pentagon. So what happened to the natural curiosity of the American public?

The same thing that happens to it each and every day, whenever Americans encounter the mega-lies of the Cheney-Bush administration or the Israeli government in Washington, disguised as AIPAC: A foreign government that shadowed everything that happened on 911, and yet was mysteriously let-off by both the FBI and the CIA in the aftermath of these events that shall live in infamy, upon the blood- splattered records of all of those involved in this "administration."

And over the span of all these years there were the stolen elections ­ the cover-up of what-really-happened on 911. There was Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, compounding the absence of WMD's and the utter failure to capture bin Laden. And throughout the many years of spying on every single American with a phone, there were the continual lies-not to mention the over one thousand "signing statements" that made a joke out of what remains of congress. Then there was the embrace of torture by the US Department of Justice; and let's never forget the Secret Parallel Government of Dick Cheney, (the man who declared himself no longer part of the executive branch ­ he's got his own intelligence service and his version of the State Department, some say even his own private army). Then there's that vast series of war-crimes by Donald Rumsfeld, just to touch on some of the more public scandals that have never been addressed by congress or the courts, much less resolved.

If the public had demanded answers instead of simply closing ranks behind these obvious lies-much of what we're facing now, could have been avoided. Instead the same thing happened over and over again in Iraq, with all that confusion over the many 'faces' that the regime tried to use to cover up our actions over-there, and all the while they never did change course-but did we scream- hell no!

And again in the elections last November ­ those elections were thought to herald major changes, and yet all we got were new slogans and more lies. That time Bush got more than even he had asked for; because the congress is even more afraid of standing up to Tyranny than are of those they officially "represent."

Looks like we're don't get anything except more lies and theft from our 'silent partner' so why do we tolerate this compact with an entity so foul:
Can it really be as simple as a habit for us ­ a habit that we refuse to analyze with open eyes? Are we so certain that our government is honest that we refuse to question what the whole world has seen from the beginning: Because if that's true-then we have no commons sense, no capacity to differentiate between what is true and what is simply NOT! If this is the case then we should not expect to be pardoned for having gone along with infamy, for "they" couldn't have done this without "us". . .

Throughout the last six years we have allowed the Constitution to be dismantled-out of shear fear and by swearing undying loyalty to bogus terror. Now we have neither 'security' nor 'freedom'-- yet because we would not demand an end to this -- we have deepened our crimes against the world a thousand fold: Welcome to the New World Order!

We are where we are because 'we' lacked moral and legal convictions then-so we had no guides to direct our public actions and therefore we did nothing. How dare we call ourselves Americans now!

This deafening Silence that our inactions have created provides a very fertile ground for Tyranny to grow and prosper in-what might happen if we all began to shout!


Prez. Poll!!!


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911 Tyranny continues.

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Isn't it time for the National Emergency to be over? Isn't six years of dictatorial power enough?
According to US Code, http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/50C34.txt the Congress must vote every six months on the continuation of a National Emergency and can stop it at any time. Time for Congress to act now to stop the tyranny. Who voted to let it continue for these 6 years? Why isn't this a topic of the presidential debates? We now know that this administration had the goal of going into Iraq from its first week in office, and whether 911 was a MIHOP or LIHOP, it served their purpose. All you have to do is say "We're under attack, we're under attack!" and the people will give up their freedom for security. It's an old tactic, are we going to continue to fall for it? Tell your Senators and Congressmen to "END THE STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY NOW." Take back the country before it ceases to exist.