The Ten Worst Things about 9/11 Besides the Attacks Themselves

September 12, 2007 at 18:37:47
by Alvin Revere Page 1 of 1 page(s)

1) The "official conspiracy theory" (OCT) of 19 hijackers is not supported by the evidence. There are scores of books, articles, websites, and films that show this, and anyone with a modicum of curiosity can easily find the facts.

2) All mainstream US politicians have virtually sworn allegiance to the OCT and not one of them has questioned it, despite these readily available facts.

3) Mainstream US news media has not raised a single serious question about the OCT, despite the testimony of numerous experts in a variety of fields. This testimony should give mainstream journalists ample reason to at least examine the subject (the greatest news story of all time), but none has thus far. In place of real investigative journalism, mainstream news has done nothing more than parrot the OCT.

4) Two wars (and counting) have been waged on the basis of the OCT, even though this theory is arguably the worst scientific theory in history. Many Americans now oppose these wars, but sadly this opposition is based more on their seeing us as "losing" them than on our having killed close to one million people without just cause. And of course, Congress and the president have ignored the "will" of voters, flaccid as it may be, expressed in the last election. Far too many American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, a national loss that can never be replaced. Thousands of first-responders at Ground Zero are now sick and dying.

5) Our Constitution has been essentially discarded, with hardly a whimper from the public or its "representatives" in Washington.

6) As the OCT continues its brazen existence in the mainstream, the nation is slowly dividing into two camps, making for a sort of "cold civil war." (It is worth noting here that almost no one who joins the 9/11 Truth community ever goes back to the OCT.)

7) Even the most reasonable and politely phrased calls for a new investigation into 9/11 are met in the mainstream with sickening shrieks of "conspiracy nuts," "kooks," "traitors," etc., even though we all know that these pejoratives are sure signs of a weak or nonexistent argument.

8) The above facts strongly suggest that the OCT is maintained by a deep political-media-business structure of coercion, bribery, blackmail, lying, cowardice, venality, stupidity, and greed.

9) This nasty political-media-business structure has created a monstrous "consensus reality" that, though not adhered to by everyone, is deep enough and strong enough to allow too many Americans to talk not about the truth of 9/11, but rather about being emotionally "fatigued" by the memory of the day and ready to "move on" from it now. (You can be sure that many mainstream pieces written on 9/11 today will suggest this within the lathered folds of otherwise obscurant emotionalism.)

10) As a nation, we not only have not gotten to the truth about 9/11, but in our complacency and ignorance have opened the door for martial law at home, WW3 everywhere.

Three Good Thing about 9/11

A growing number of Americans do see the above.

And growing number now understand how the media lies. How politicians lie. How wars are really started and why.

More people now look to alternative news sources for truth.

Alvin Revere is a writer and commentator frequently featured on American Buddhist Net.

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