This guy needs a wake-up call...

My comment from this blog post.

Mr Jarvis,

For a guy who just touts the idea of citizen journalisim, your ridicule and disdain for people seeking answers to the many, many, many unanswered and wholly important questions of Sept 11th, 2007 demonstrates your immense ignorance of this issue and offers a side order of contradiction.

The patriotic questioning of truth in ALL FACETS is only arrived at by seeking rational knowledge outside of the controlled and dirty spoon servings of mainstream media.

And how sad of you to connect a dot that doesn’t exist. They are not holocaust deniers (come on you should know better than to use that false and utter nonsense) but they are Original Conspiracy Theory (OCT) deniers. Just how is it possible for 19 guys (w/box cutters) assisted by some CIA Muhjadeen operative in a cave (OBL) in Afghanistan hooked up to a dialysis machine using a cell phone get the United States Air Defenses to schedule their two-hour coffee break (stand down) ?

How does a 47 story STEEL STRUCTURE BUILDING WITH AN INNER STEEL BEAM CORE SYSTEM (WTC7) fall into it’s own footprint at freefall speed without having been hit by a plane? The one thta the BBC erroneously reported of this collapse a full twenty minutes before it actually collapsed.

And stop with that fire nonsense, it’ll just makes you look even more uninformed as it remains counter to the laws of physics, among other mechanical and physical precepts. If you cared as much about the accuracy of the law of physics, especially when rendered through 9/11, as you do about the 18-24 month problem you have with Moore’s law, then maybe one day on your knowledge quest, you could be capable of bypassing the cognitive dissonance that prohibits you from ascertaining truth at many objective levels.

The government cheese is now bad, daddy! It may have been good yesteryear but its staleness date of of November 22, 1962 has left it putrid and reeking.

I’ll spare you the hundreds and hundreds of links that are from reputable people calling for a new investigation because if you or anyone really wants the truth it won’t come from your blog, or the alphabet networks, or the left/right, divide and conquer paradigm of propaganda.

No, Jeff, It will come from the individual desire to find truth against all of the MSM, Left & Right, stacked and piled high, odds.

Just remember, you, or anyone else, cannot create my truth, but you sure as hell can have an effect on helping me me know where the B S is conveniently nested!

Want the truth? Look for it! It it’s right around the corner, but first you have to look.

I’ll leave you with this –

“911 is a naked con any Girl Scout with a web connection could bust wide open over a weekend and still have time for a bake off.”