The Road to Terrorstorm

"Road to Terrorstorm", a condensed cut of "Road to Tyranny", "Martial Law 9/11" & "Terrorstorm" carefully crafted as a tool for reaching new people.

This is a quick and dirty take, for now, made for the 9/11 anniversary. This is the best I could do with a Celeron PC, 2 days work time, and 20.5 hours of rendering (for just that 'take'). I wasn't able to even 'proof-watch' it before rendering, so please do offer any constructive criticism as I'll be doing a final render once I get my video machine re-operational after the lightning strike. Then I'll release a finalized version and a formal torrent.

This is AJ material only. I removed any of my or others work. I decided to do this because of the title. I refuse to use that 'old' title, which is derived from Alex Jones' work, and include anything else. I only added a few things: -The words "U.S.S. Maine" during that segment. -The WTC '93 bombing newscast & secretly recorded FBI phone tape audio. -I removed the WTC attack footage during the David Schippers segment, and overlay'd the custom 1984/The Wall/Clockwork Orange etc reel. I did this because it's too early in the film for all that. I tried to keep everything in the pre-911 context... up until 9/11. The point of this film is for introducing 'new' people to the subject in a hopefully effective single sitting opposed to having someone watch all 3 films used here, or worse them being turned off after watching one of his films that aren't exactly catered for the first time viewer. You might note that I even removed the Terrorstorm (intro) 911 polls segment and other key language for this same reason. I've literally observed someone stop watching that film after only getting to that part, about 2 minutes into it.


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this is a good idea. his

this is a good idea. his first 2 9/11 films are way too long and needed to be cut up. loads of powerful information in both films but some of it just isnt needed.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

It's looking good IIB