Successful 9/11 Truth Event in Bloomington, Indiana

We had a very successful event here in Bloomington, Indiana this week. The full theater audience of 600 stayed for over three hours without a break to hear outstanding presentations by Richard Gage and Steven Jones, and gave a standing ovation at the end. The event attracted three city council representatives, and our city council president gave the introduction. A number of architects, scientists and other professionals were in attendance.

Much thanks to the Bloomington 9/11 Working Group, whose sacrifice and heroic efforts made it all work.

Below are two articles, one from Bloomington Herald-Times, published just before the event, and the other from the Indiana Daily Student, published the day after.

Bloomington Herald-Times
Forum looks to account for what doesn’t add up about 9/11
Mike Leonard, 9/09/007

Eye-rolling. Weight-shifting. Body language ranging from anxiety to anger.

Bloomington city councilman Dave Rollo and local chemist Kevin Ryan acknowledge that they see it all when they broach the subject of Sept. 11 and tell people that the purported facts as have been presented to the public just don’t add up.

“They don’t want to hear it,” says Ryan, a quality control manager for a local pharmaceutical company. “And I feel for them on that. If the official story is as false as it appears to be, we’re so far down the wrong road in this country it’s breathtaking.”

Rollo says he was a bit of an eye-roller himself at one point. “I was skeptical about any alternative theories about what happened on 9/11, but the more I learned, the more I became convinced that further investigation is absolutely necessary. The studies that have been done fail to answer some very important questions, and there are so many anomalies and contradictions and flaws and obfuscations. Well, obfuscations would be a kind word. The studies are totally inadequate.

“But,” he emphasizes, “9/11 was no trivial event. It redirected the country in very fundamental ways. That is not debatable.”

Rollo is among the organizers of a program to be presented Monday at 7 p.m. at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater titled “9/11 Research: Why the official story can’t be true.” Presenters will include Ryan, who once worked for an Underwriters Laboratories subsidiary; Richard Gage, an architect who has designed high-rise buildings; and Steven Jones, a physicist.

Ryan said last week that he became concerned about official accounts of the catastrophic collapse of the World Trade Center buildings when he started seeing reports that differed from or excluded information he’d seen from within the company. UL had certified the steel used in the construction of the WTC and conducted tests regarding the melting or softening temperature of the steel. It concluded the fire that ensued from the airplane collisions with the towers could not have come close to a temperature that would have melted or “softened” the steel.

When he read reports from the 9/11 Commission and other sources to the contrary, he wrote to the investigating National Institute of Standards and Technology questioning such conclusions and was fired. “The reason I was given was that I was fired for harming their relationship with NIST and the government, and for using poor judgment in writing the letter,” he said. “Personally, I think they were taken off-guard, and the idea of someone questioning the government so straighforwardly, even if polite and professional. It didn’t settle well.”

Ryan and his family relocated from South Bend to Bloomington, and he continues to travel the country, making presentations such as the one he will make Monday, while maintaining his full-time job and responsibilities to his wife and family.

Rollo, an Indiana University faculty member in biology, says his interest in the details of the World Trade Center disaster comes from both his background in respect for accurate scientific inquiry and his social consciousness. “There is no good explanation of the collapse of those buildings that makes sense,” he said. Studies from math, physics and architectural experts cannot explain the collapse of the buildings or the breathtaking rate of collapse, he said.

“Take the North Tower collapse. A plane hits 14 floors below the top of the building, leaving 90 floors below. By the admission of the 9/11 Commission, it falls to the ground in about 10 1/2 seconds. Given 90 floors below the point of impact, the concrete involved, the steel infrastructure — free-falling in a vacuum would be about 9.2 seconds. How could this be possible?” he asked.

Rollo, Ryan and virtually everyone else involved in what is a growing national movement point to the rarely discussed fate of Building 7 of the WTC. “It was not hit by an airplane. It was a massive, 47-story building, taller than the tallest building in 33 states,” Rollo said. “It fell, and there is no explanation for that at all. Absolutely none. Even the fullest and most complete accounting of 9/11 doesn’t even mention the collapse of Building 7.”

The issue transcends science to Rollo and many of the people involved with programs such as Monday’s (speakers Gage and Jones were involved in a New York City forum this weekend). “Everything did change after 9/11,” Rollo said. “It launched massive defense spending and huge deficits. It redirected national priorities from things like infrastructure, and Minneapolis is just one recent example. It also paved the way for some radical reinterpretations of the Constitution, to say it kindly. Our civil liberties are being deconstructed.”

Rollo hesitates to ascribe a motivation or conspiracy theory to Sept. 11 and says it’s abundantly clear that more study is necessary. Ryan hesitates as well and observes that it’s easy for people to describe you as a crazy conspiracy theorist if you venture into hypothesis. But, he noted, it’s hard to knock down the arguments made, especially with regard to Building 7, that nothing short of a controlled demolition could have caused the building to collapse so quickly or neatly into its own footprint.

The 9/11 Commission was co-chaired by the highly respected former Indiana congressman Lee Hamilton. Rollo and Ryan say it’s hard to reconcile Hamilton’s integrity with the commission’s report. But they still can’t get past all of the things the commission did and did not do.

“You know,” Ryan said, “(former) Sen. Max Cleland was also a member of that commission, and he quit in protest. When they claim the commission reached unanimous conclusions, they conveniently forget that Cleland said the investigation was a scam and he was not going to be a part of another Warren Commission (which investigated the assassination of President Kennedy).

“I just want people to look at the evidence with an open mind,” he said. “I don’t believe it’s possible to read the official explanations and then hear what highly credentialed scientists have said and not come to the conclusion we don’t know a lot about what happened that day.”

Indiana Daily Student
Group questions 9/11 truth
Kasey Hawrysz, 9/11/2007

On Sept 11, 2001, World Trade Towers One, Two and Seven all collapsed via controlled demolition, according to Richard Gage of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Gage is the founding member of the group, and spoke about this theory at the Bloomington 9/11 Working Group’s Monday night presentation in front of large crowd at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. The group was created in an effort to encourage further probe of the Sept. 11 attacks.

“It is important to understand it because it was a pretext for the invasion of two countries in which almost a million people have perished,” Gage said.

The group, along with others who believe the Sept. 11 attacks were part of a broad conspiracy, have often been questioned and criticized by others.

“If it is a conspiracy, it is hard to believe they could pull it off,” said Spencer resident Scott Ackerman, who attended the conference. However, he added that getting to the truth was important, especially on the eve of the tragedy’s anniversary.

“I don’t think truth is ever disrespectful,” he said.

Kevin Ryan, former site manager of Environmental Health Laboratories, who spoke at the event, said the “official story” has changed several times in the past six years, but originally it was reported that “super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure of these buildings and caused their collapse.” However, this theory has long been debunked, Ryan said. Both Ryan and Gage argued that fires have never before or since Sept. 11 caused a high-rise building to collapse. Gage said the fire is not consistent with the type of collapse of the Twin Towers and Building Seven.

Gage also spoke about reports that allegedly showed evidence of explosions, including eye-witness reports of typical signs of demolition. Gage presented multiple videos of demolitions to demonstrate the key signs of the methods used, then showed how the same signs could be seen in the collapse of all three World Trade Towers.

The group said the “smoking gun” of Sept. 11 is World Trade Tower Building Seven, which was never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report published after years of investigation. Though Building Seven had been hit by some debris from the North Tower, only the seventh, 12th and 13th floors were burning, Gage said. In Caracas, Venezuela, a building burned for 17 hours on 26 floors and did not fall down, he said.

“It is virtually impossible, no, it is impossible, I’ll say it,” he said.

Ryan, a former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, also spoke at the event. Environmental Health Laboratories is a division of Underwriters Laboratories, which had done tests to confirm the fire-resistance of the steel. Ryan said he was fired from his job after he wrote a letter to a government scientist pointing out flaws in the government scientist’s theory of how the towers collapsed.

Ryan also questioned the appointment of Phillip Zelikow to head the committee creating the 9/11 Commission Report, saying he was not objective. He had co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice and worked with both George W. and George H.W. Bush.

“His self-described area of academic expertise is the ‘creation and management of public myths,’” Ryan said.

Zelikow “controlled the 9/11 commission, picking areas of investigation, briefing materials, topics for hearings, witnesses … he set the agenda,” Ryan said, stressing the amount of power Zelikow was given. Sen. Max Cleland, formerly a member of the commission, resigned in protest of the group’s methods.

Neither Ryan or Gage cared to speculate as to who might have orchestrated a demolition of the towers, instead preferring to talk about the inconsistencies of the government reports.

“Tonight we are concerned with science,” Gage said.

Still, Gage called on the audience members to contact their local legislators and demand a new, objective probe into what happened on Sept. 11.

“Twenty-seven hundred people were murdered in what we can now safely call demolitions,” Gage said. “We need to honor them by getting at the truth of what happened.”

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A 9/11 Truth Dream Team...

Hey Kevin...

I wanted to let you know that I put together a little blog regarding the disposal of the WTC steel (including 250 tons of stolen girders).

I'm not sure if you have seen all the data, the stolen steel was news to me.

Blog Link :


Hope it's of some use to others if not yourself.

I look forward to (hopefully) seeing any video footage from the presentations, there's some really good info coming out at the moment... Truth overload (not).

My very best wishes to you and everyone else involved in the event.

Many thanks

heartfelt thanks to you all

Presenting the data, the facts and the science. The lies, obfuscations and criminal intent of the government become clear. Working at the grass roots is the best way to help Americans wake up to the terrible and dire threats facing them. Thankyou all.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)


Getting press like this is a real victory -- if not a miracle -- and the outcome of the organizing that goes into events like these really move everything forward on a lot of levels at once.

>>Bloomington city councilman Dave Rollo


Thanks for this important work.

"We are entitled to miracles"

There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses. ~~G.B.Shaw

“I don’t think truth is ever disrespectful,” he said.

Man, I love that quote.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Superb interviews. Very

Superb interviews.

Very well done and thank you.

Thank you so much

M. Gage and Jones. My hart is full of gratitude. Thanks for your courage your will and you time.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Hang in there

You guys are great.
I admire your courage and drive,
Keep up the good work !
Rock on...
Your Canadian friends.

Superbly done. Thank you,

Superbly done. Thank you, gentlemen.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

“Tonight we are concerned with science,”

And it's the science we should stick to. We've been making this more complicated than we need to. And the greatest thing we can do is simplify the truh argument. There is a problem with having it all figured out, you see; because no one does. But it all starts with proving CD in New York. beyond the fathom of a doubt, and taking that to the masses, and we don't let up.

Really, whether it was the CIA, Bildenburg, Mossad, or The Tri-laterals does nothing but cloud the argument. It's like the murdered husband with three mistresses. Any one of them could have done it.

When we prove CD to the world, we prove advance planning. First, the facts. Then, the actors. Then, justice.

It's a great moment to be a Truther right now. We've sharpened our act, gotten credentialed people on board and got rid of the chem-trails crowd. And we're headed for DC with torches and pitchforks. God, this is great.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry

I respectfully disagree

There is way more to 9/11 truth than just controlled demolition and many people have a very difficult time wrapping their heads around basic physics and defer to "authorities" who have shown a willingness to bend (if not outright break) "science" for political reasons. While WTC 7 was what made me sit up, take notice and start digging for the truth, it is the 1000's of anomalies and unanswered questions regarding numerous issues that make the events of 9/11 as obvious and profoundly disturbing as they are. Many people are more easily drawn in to questioning the political, financial and military aspects of 9/11 while the endless and confusing (for them) physics debate rages on.

That said, far too much speculation about "who" continues to create unnecessary problems for the promotion of 9/11 truth to the general population. We need a disciplined focus on the "what" and "how". As those questions are asked and the answers begin to come, the "who" and "why" become much more clear. Following the honest efforts of hardworking FBI field agents we know that Dave Frasca is a person of interest. As we have uncovered the facts regarding the financial and environmental status of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 we know that Larry Silverstein and his partners are also persons of interest. Once we saw Norman Mineta's testimony it was obvious that Richard Cheney is a key person of interest. Additionally, the Secret Service's complete disregard for SOP in Florida on 9/11 makes the responsible agents persons of interest. The effective if not official stand down of NORAD for 100 minutes makes a small group of individuals highly suspect. There are numerous other examples, but I think you get the point.

Different people are drawn to different questions regarding the events of 9/11/01 and we should continue to do research, education and outreach on all areas. I have found that once I have explained all the motives for 9/11 many people are willing to reconsider their reluctance to questioning the government myth. Then I simply ask them what they are most curious about, feed them all of the latest solid information on that subject and I have them hooked. Most are then highly self-motivated to dig into all the areas of 9/11 investigation.

This is a very long way of saying that I totally agree that we should always present facts and avoid speculation, but we should not turn this into the "controlled demolition movement".

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Great post, LeftWright.

A call for forgiveness can bring people to the truth

People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of 9/11 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness rather than retribution and punishment.

The peace movement should call for granting amnesty from prosecution and guarantee of an ample, lifetime pension to anyone who agrees to testify on their roles in the events of 9/11, extending this offer to any members of the US government, foreign governments and/or terrorist groups involved in the planning or execution of the attacks of that day.

Additionally, individuals should step forward and volunteer to spend time working with those who give testimony on crimes they have committed so that they might be reintegrated into society.

Instead of executing Nazi war criminals we should have devoted all the human resources available to us to rehabilitating them, awakening in them awareness of the nature of their actions so that they could have come to understand that they must make amends. If they had remained alive they would have been a living testament to the transformative powers of forgiveness.

Historians and psychologists especially should come out in favor of preserving invaluable study material in the form of the opportunity to converse with the authors of unfortunate historical deeds.

A declaration of willingness to forgive would force the government's hand. If it were to arrest or make attempts to discredit someone calling for 911 truth plus forgiveness, that would be a tacit acknowledgement by the government of its complicity in the 9/11 attacks. Imagine the impact of footage on YouTube of police arresting demonstrators carrying signs reading: "I forgive you George Bush for 9/11". Perhaps even the passively complicit mainstream media could be convinced to show someone carrying a sign calling for amnesty for the perpetrators of 9/11.

If we consider ourselves morally superior to the government, we should propose actions and attitudes that are more humanitarian with respect to them than their actions have been with respect to us.

I strongly suspect that the white apartheid government in South Africa did not agree to fair elections until assured that they would not be executed or imprisoned by the black majority government when it came to power.

In "The Art of War", Sun Tzu said never to surround an enemy. If you do not leave him an out, he will fight to the last man

Finally, these ideas do not depend on the media for their dissemination. If you can convince six friends of the merit of these ideas and get them to tell six of their own friends tomorrow, each of whom tells six of their friends the next day, and so on, then the ideas will reach every person in the world in two weeks by word of mouth alone (do the math).

(to see an interesting discussion of these ideas, please see

Step up

Now this is a step up to another level. Don't usually hear plugs for the wisdom of forgiveness – which is much more powerful than most people imagine.

Of course, that doesn't mean forgetting or ignoring the crime, and need not mean amnesty from criminal prosecution. But execution is barbaric, and serves to further the kind of thinking that engenders the crimes in the first place.

I don't know about offering pensions or some of your other suggestions, but the basic point about coming from love rather than hate is important. I hope more people can understand it.


I guess the 9/11/07 events in NY were a let down?

It's great to hear about succesful events around the nation but what happened to NY?

Geez, there seemed to be so much of a buildup to this year's anniversary in NY- then...nothing.
Did it rain on the parade?

Also, I've been waiting to hear some reviews about Loose Change FC, but nada. No news. No posts. Nada. What's going on with it? Were people let down by the film or something?

Seems like important news such as the British mathematician's new paper due out disproving the CD of the Towers should have been posted on 911blogger but it wasn't.

There just seems to be suddenly let down in 911 Truth momentum. Does anyone else feel this?

Here's some info

Oh, yes, it did indeed rain on the anniversary in NYC, in torrents at times, but many truthers were there and withstood it at Ground Zero. (Funny, for the first time since the actual events, 9/11 fell on a Tuesday, and the weather was the exact opposite of what it was in '01, as I'm sure we remember.) Check out the video that TruthMove posted earlier if you haven't seen it yet. From ground zero, the truth activists marched over to Building 7 then through various parts of the financial district, including the Federal Reserve building--chanting '9/11 was an inside job,' 'truth will prevail,' etc.

Though I was not myself in attendance, I have heard from others who were that William Rodriguez gave a very powerful presentation at a We Are Change event at Judson Memorial Church on the evening of the 11th.

I can also tell you that Wednesday evening in Union Square Park witnessed a very positive postscript to the anniversary events--an outdoor screening (with weather that couldn't be better) of '9/11 Mysteries,' with Sophia present, put on by ny911truth. The crowd grew to around four or five hundred, and was rapt with attention.

I understand your frustration, though, that more information hasn't been posted.

Postponement of latest Loose Change was announced and

explained here a few times.

If you have an URL for the "mathematician's new paper due out disproving the CD of the Towers" you could post it here. It obviously is a disinfo ploy, but should be dealt with.

9/11 Truth Ends War