Tucson 9/11Truth, Peace and Justice Day, 2007

911TruthTucson held three street actions starting
at 7:00 AM and ending around 7:30 PM. We were joined
by representatives from the peace community
including Veterans for Peace, Raging Grannies, WILPF,
World Can't Wait and others. Supporters for Kucinich and Paul
helped us promote 9/11 truth. We counted 20 demonstrators
at our morning event, about 35 at noon and about 50
for the big finale in the late afternoon at which 911TruthTucson
joined Raging Grannies just two blocks from the largest PRO-WAR
demonstration ever seen in Tucson. The Tucson Citizen newspaper
covered our noon demonstration at the Main Public Library


Local TV Channels 11 and 13 covered
the noon and evening events.

The day was peaceful and orderly and we are grateful for
the kind and respectful support we had from the
Tucson Police Department. We finished the day with
a showing of "Liberty Bound" - a film by Christine Rose
at the Northwest Center.


Video and Pictures coming soon to TruthAction.org

Gotta love the comments

...at the end of the article in the Tuscon paper. It's automatic at this point. It is probably fairly effective overall. But for those out there, don't ever be afraid to not be normal and speak up for what's right.