UK Change Anniversary Report including podcast to Cynthia McKinney speech

Anniversary Events London

We Are Change UK had a very successful 6th anniversary. It started on Sunday with us taking Cynthia McKinney to speak at the Urban Green Fair in Brixton, London. The talk went down extremely well and organising it allowed us to have a stall amongst groups who have previously been very resistant to the 9/11 issue. A few We Are Change campaigners approached Peter Thatchell at the event and we believe this was the reason he wrote his piece in the Guardian 2 days later. Cynthia then went up to Leeds to give a talk in the evening that was extremely successful.

On the Monday we had a talk by Cynthia in London. It attracted a very new diverse audience and was amazing. We should all be supporting Cynthia as she is a beautiful person whi isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Here is a recording of her speech.

Cytnhia had to leave us on Tuesday to go and do a talk in Amsterdam, that I have been told was a huge success, but we managed to get her down to Parliament Square to meet Brian Haw. Brian has been camped outside Parliament for around 6 years.

At 2PM we had an authorised demonstration outside Parliament with a number of protestors and some great responses from the public. At 4:30PM we set up a PA system and had an open mic where a number of campaigners excelled themselves, echoing off parliament. At 6PM we held a 2 minute silence for those who lost their lives on that fateful day and also those who have died in the needless wars since. Having brought Cynthia over we have made more inroads with the peace movement in the past couple of weeks than in the last year. Well done to all those around the world who are being the change they wish to see in the world.

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