Erasing 9/11 From The Newspapers

Interesting article about the prison nicknamed 'SuperMax'. Apparently, this famous prison has not allowed reporters in to see it. In an effort to 'erase myths' about the sekrit prison, they allowed CNN inside.

Seemingly un-related to 9/11 research until you get to the end of the article....


"And apparently so as not to fuel inner terrorist fires, the newspapers from September 11 that will eventually reach the al Qaeda members and sympathizers imprisoned here will be altered. It will be 30 days before they finally have access to the 9/11 papers, and then they will find that all articles dealing with the anniversary or terrorism will have been excised."

I'd be interested to find out whether this is part of a larger program to erase 9/11 from other prisons as well. Either way, it's creepy as hell. Imagine if you were innocent and serve time here. You get released from jail because of a DNA test that proves your innocense. For 10 years you totally missed out on everything 9/11.