Fire at the White House on 9/11/01?

Anybody have anything on the alleged fire at the White House on 9/11?

Word is that local (D. C./Maryland/Northern Virginia) news stations covered it but like the GWB threats, it never got lumped into the mix.

local media also reported

local media also reported that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland, a plane crashed on the Kentucky border, and a plane crashed at Camp David(along with the threats on GWB as you mention). whats disinfo and what was genuine confusion? were any of these or the other local media reports legit and then covered up? i lean towards confusion and error on most of them but the one you metnion sounds interesting, i hadnt heard that one before. where did you hear about this?

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and the car bomb at the state department... and the explosion at the Washington memorial...

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

and the fire in Washington Mall

Two different sources

Two different sources mentioned this, one who was in the area and saw local coverage.


If you're talking Bush and Cheney, you're talking Israel.

BBC's "War Party": a 49 Minute Documentary about the Neocons