Janeane Garofalo on Bill Maher next week 9/21/07

Janeane Garofalo is scheduled to be on Bill Maher's HBO show next week. Bill has been on a pompous rant about the 9/11 "Conspiracy Theorists" and the need for us to be on Paxil. (if anyone can get the video of this weeks rant please post it) Janeane uttered the words 9/11 was an inside job on Conan recently, and I was hoping we could contact her and encourage her to bring up some rational, non-controversial points about the 9/11 Truth movement when she appears on his show next week.

For instance:
1) The United States' Air Defenses Stand Down on the morning of 9/11
2) The governments refusal to release the videotapes of the Pentagon Crash.
3) BBC reporting Building 7 collapse 20 minutes too early (thanks 911veritas!!)
4) etc etc.

If anyone can get her contact information... please post it. I looked but can't find an official blog or anything. I'm sure someone in our movement can get it.

Anyway. I don't know if Bill is a mossad agent or what, but he is being a petulant weak ass when it comes to discussing 9/11.

Let's hope Janeane can stand her ground a bit and make him confront the uncomfortable.

Just my thoughts.

ive looked for contact

ive looked for contact information myself but havent found any before. wish i could help. and are you saying Maher went on a rant about 9/11 recently? when does his show air? i guess the pressure is getting to him(or more likely we are). i doubt hes a mossad or any other agent, more likely hes sick of hearing from people like us who rightfully demand the full truth about 9/11. pompous is the perfect word for Maher. you cant tell him anything. goddamn coward.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yeah Mos Def went on his

Yeah Mos Def went on his show last week (Sept. 7th) and said he thought Bush was responsible for 9/11. But his argument was incoherent at best. Then this week (Sept. 14th) Bill Maher during his "New Rules" section went on a baby rant about why he can't stand "conspiracy theorists". It was pitiful and proved no good points.

After this type of momentum I thought we should push Janeane Garofalo, who is scheduled to appear on his show Sept. 21st, to engage in a conversation with Bill about 9/11. From what I've heard from him, he could easily be whupped. He doesn't even seem educated at all on the subject.

I was thinking someone from Air America, or We Are Change, Alex Jones, or someone could get her contact info out. I'll keep trying. Otherwise. We'll keep pushing this society to deal with this dirty dirty laundry. Peace.

Yeah, when I heard Maher this week...

...I had the distinct impression that it was a response to Mos Def's comments...that Bill or his handlers couldn't let that go unchallenged....

BTW, it's a small point, but he said the Twins burned for 2 hours, when it was 56 and 102 minutes, respectively. And, he implied that jet fuel burns hot enough to collapse (explode) steel buildings.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

oh ok, i knew about that. im

oh ok, i knew about that. im sure the video of his latest rant will surface soon. yeah, Mos Def seemed unsure of his argument, like he knows the official story is total bullshit but he hasnt quite looked into it enough yet to fire off bullet points. obviously Maher hasnt looked into it but unlike Mos Def doesnt have the historical perspective and common sense to see bullshit for what it is.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


5. The NASA thermal images http://governmentterror.com/#%5B%5BWorld%20Trade%20Center%20Hot%20Spots%...

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

She should print some of these PDF flyers off...

and hand them to the crew and anyone else in the studio...

They were created by 911blogger bruce1337 (I miss him) and can be found in blog :


He did a great job

Many thanks and best wishes

Here is the video...


Bill Maher is either very uninformed or a sell out.

He's both. He's reaffixing

He's both. He's reaffixing his blinkers and leaving skidmarks in his silk shorts because of the unexpected infiltration of 9/11 information into his snarky, irony-posing-as-skepticism-and-analysis farce.

I'm glad he's getting his feathers ruffled. He probably wakes up in a sweat, screaming "Please don't make me read that stuff or watch those films! I won't! I won't! I don't wanna get fired again!"

Whore. Loser. Coward.

Thanks Free Truth!!

Thanks for that reference. I wish we could do something to make him confront his stupidity.

Who was her co-host on Air America...Seder?

I think it was, so I would imagine that you could email him at samsedershow@gmail.com.

She will rip Maher a new one! Think he has been blackmailed?