"Perpetual" 9/11 Google video

Has anyone else noticed, or does anyone know why this video is at
#30 (give or take a few) on the Google Top 100 videos ALL the time?

I just am extremely curious as to why this is.....I've noticed this for months. It barely moves.
If anyone know, please reply. Thanks.


Yeah Bro, I'm glad you

Yeah Bro, I'm glad you brought that up. I always check Google Video Top 100, when I think of it, to see what the 9/11 Truth scene is like there. I've actually watched that video and thought it was okay, but nothing too special. I was always glad someone found value in watching 9/11 related material there. But you make a good point. It doesn't seem to warrant that much status. I'd much rather see Loose Change, TerrorSTorm, Press For Truth, Zeitgeist, etc. there.

My only guess, which is pretty negative, is that Google keeps this there, so that those looking for 9/11 related materials are more likely to stumble upon this pretty vanilla home video rather than a more educated flick like 9/11 Mysteries etc. It pisses me off to no end that Google would be censoring these results, but it sounds like they do, so....

Damn. Don't know what else to say.

that actually makes a lot of

that actually makes a lot of sense. Google has been caught red handed so many times.....

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Thanks everyone!

Some excellent points........I just found it very strange that it barely moved.

I was thinking that they keep it there to burn people out on 9/11.
Since it's always there people might just overlook ALL 9/11 videos. Who knows.

When the second plane hits you can clearly hear the girl say that it was a
military plane, which is great.

But I wonder how many people even watch to that point since it's a "home video"
and not very exciting to watch.

It is pinned to the Google

This boring '9/11 video' is pinned to the Google chart artificially to soak up 9/11 interest, so that when people look up '9/11 video' they get that.

Check it's ranking - All time: 344, Yesterday 26
Loose change ranking - All time: 24, Yesterday 16
Zeitgeist Ranking - All time: 138, Yesterday: 2

Loose change and Zeitgeist are never on the Google chart, where viewers would multiply exponentially (Zeitgeist is watched 50,000 times a day) and this boring, boring, BORING '9/11 video' is ALWAYS pinned in the middle of the chart? Who are they kidding, it's obvious, and they call themselves the Central INTELLIGENCE Agency?

A lot of people are strongly

A lot of people are strongly attracted to the "day of" scary stuff -- if you look at how many hits the different pictures have from that day, the ones with people falling out the windows are huge compared to the others -- so the positive interpretation of this would be that we really have that many new people who haven't looked into the original events since that time coming upon this section over and over. Just a theory.

But I wouldn't be surprised if it were google too . . .

This is one strange video ..

It surfaced quite late(2006),the first release was a crappy quality little qt-movie,
next thing it was all over the place and surfaced in better quality a day or two after the first release.
But it doesn't really matter that she says it was a military-plane because strangely we don't SEE it ?

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