Phoenix AZ 9/11 truthaction.

Phoenix, AZ

This team came together and performed magnificently. The TRUTH is beginning to surface and you true Patriots are obviously willing to take a hard stance, committing time and energy to driving the questions that require answers. Our secret directional moving government must stop their tactics immediately and answer truthfully the 9/11 families questions according to our great Constitution. This war in Iraq is based on lies and the deceptions that were enabled by the "Inside Job" we can all now see thru evidence and by the onsight eyewitnesses testimonies observed upclose. We demand an independant re-investigation of the events leading upto and including the day of September 11, 2001. The day of TRUTH is coming ya'll. Work with diligence and with great faith. Super job by everyone. I was proud and priviledged to be among you.


For all who attended Tuesday's street protest you know we made a huge impact on the valley. It may not seem like it but we reached thousands of people in a short amount of time. Channel 5 News, which is CBS and Channel 12, which is NBC were both present at the protest. Also KTAR radio arrived just as everyone was leaving and I did a short interview with them that was on air last night and this morning.

Although Channels 5 and 12 labeled us as "Anti-war Protesters" some of our 9-11 Was An Inside Job signs did make it on the air. So we reached thousands of people in rush hour traffic and had exposure on three media outlets in a matter of four hours. This was a great day for 9-11 TRUTH !!!

Street protests can be very powerful with lots of emotion and I'm sure everyone is ready to do another one as soon as possible. I know I am !! We will be organizing for the 10th of every month on a consistent basis and I urge all of you to expose this organization of Truth Seekers to as many people as you can. We had in attendance at the 9-11 street protest close to 60 people, the last official count was 57. There is no reason why we cant' triple that number for Oct. 11th. Latest polls show that over 60% of the population believe the government lied to us about 9-11. Lets make it happen.

I really enjoyed meeting all of you and was impressed with your intelligence and passion for protesting the lies and cover-ups surrounding 9-11. I was proud to stand with you yesterday.

Stay tuned for Oct. 11th.
It will be a good one.


OWN the NWO - have you seen this ?

I was researching how they have been infiltratrating the Boy Scouts of America and changing merit badge requirements, etc.

Doing a search for a listing of the US Presidents I happened to come across this webpage :

They broke the 200+ year history into 8 categories and listed the presidents under each one.
What you may find interesting is the 8th and last category labeled "Globalization (1989- )" The listed presidents are "George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush".

I found it yesterday and have been disturbed about it so much that I spent today writing and submitting a blog seeking help from others who may have more information regarding the apparent "Globalization" era that was started by George H. W. Bush in 1989.

Can you provide me any links ?

Kudos to Phoenix Truthers

Great job! Rockin song. How many folks did you think saw you that day?

Thanks for putting this up.


good job

but if you dont mind me asking why did you have the truth action in a gated freeway overpass? great turnout but i feel like more people could be reached in a public square

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush