Truth action 9/11 in Barcelona Spain

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My second month coming out in the streets, last month i was completely alone, handing out flyers in the city center. Guess what, this month people came to help out! Here is the report:

We met in city center, some people came to get to know what the group is about, I would say about 7 people just wanted some info on the subject, and promised to make copies (hopefuly they will join next month). As far as people that actualy took action with me that would be 4 brave men and women, plus my outstanding girlfriend (I love you!). So you may say not many people, but considering I was alone the month before, to me it seems like a huge success! Very Happy

It was a great feeling. People taking action with me were great men and women who like me, are sick of it all and want to do something. We all had our approach, one of us was very articulate and would spend nearly 10 minutes per flyer speakin to the people and rising awareness. Others (like me) who are more shy just would handout the flyer/dvd and a couple of frases to get them interested. After I would hang around to see their reaction and if they had other questions.

Nearly all people we met were very open to the subject and very curious to see what we had to say. Only one guy threw the flyer down on the floor that I saw!

We did our action partialy in the night, hiting a free concert in the city, a LOT of young people with an open mind - in my humble opinion a great success, and personaly a stepping stone (spelling?).

Here are the few pictures we have (sorry for bad quality, very little light!):

That's me with all the ammo I was able to pull together:

Those that stayed with us til the end of the action:

Info warrior engaging conversation:

A group of people devouring the information handed out to them (this was much more common reaction than not):

Last few flyers to be handed out!

I would like to add a note to those in doubt of taking action, DO IT! you will only regret not doing it earlier, people are anxious for the truth, and this is a great way of geting in touch with other people with the same urge to do something! It looks waaaay scarier than it realy is, for real!

Report in spanish here.