William Rodriguez on Dutch national tv

Last Tuesday, September 11th, there was an excellent short documentary about William Rodriguez on Dutch national tv.
See http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=6397746163648527211 or view below:

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-Ah...well, nevermind...!

-Ah...well, nevermind...!

Just met William for the first time today...

What a great man, even nicer in person.


As in any main TV coverage

As in any main TV coverage the "conspiracy theorists" get the blame; they use Rodriguez' eyewitness account to forward their far-fetched wild theories. The show doesn't (try to) discredit Rodriguez by making clear that he is a witness and not a theorist. (Actually, they let him make this distinction)

But instead of concluding that Rodriguez is "used" one could also conclude that many theories (that mostly aren't any but simply improbabilities in the official account) gain credibility through his eywitness account. Why not present this picture? If a "theory" is corroborated by eyewitness evidence you cannot persist calling it a wild conspiracy any more, and why would you?

Very serious questions for William Rodriguez

I have emailed his website several times and never gotten a response.

In Rodriguez' lawsuit, he (Phil Berg?) mentions the "power downs" that allegedly occurred before 9/11.

1. Is this just repetition of Scott Forbes' claims, or does William have direct first hand knowledge of the power downs?

2. What specific times, dates and locations were powered down, and who else knows about it?

3. Is there documentation to substantiate the power downs?

4. Is there any way to identify the companies or persons who did the "upgrade" work during these power downs?

Most important would be corroboration, naming the other workers who know about these things, and getting them to say so on the record. There is very little hard evidence to substantiate the power downs, and William Rodriguez was right in the middle of it all.

He should explain everything he knows about this, and give links to others who also have first hand knowledge of these events.

I'll try emailing this over again. Can someone provide me with William's personal email address (via email)?

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