"WTC7 Banner i made (almost get arrested!)"- Adam Rodriguez

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On 9/11, i arrive at my favorite overpass spot at 3p.m., at this time traffic was at a near standstill, bumper-to-bumper, i get all my supplies ready (ducttape, PVC tubing in buckets of cement, and of course the banner), i slip on the sign which is nothing more than a white bedsheet with big black letters saying "GOOGLE WTC7", i slip on the cover and it is now dancing in the wind and hanging over HUNDREDS of on-lookers, i kid you not, i heard one kid in a car passing the sign and he says "WE CAN READ IT!". And i was so excited i run down to take a picture of the banner, and you can definatly see "google wtc7" as clear as day.

The people walking and biking on the overpass greet me with "how you doing my brother" and "good job", alot of positive feedback from the people. All is going good and (police sirens wail), i look down and there is a cop on a bike with his gold helmet and massive motorcycle "GET THAT DOWN NOW!". I was kind of freaked as i've never has confrontations with a cop about a banner before. He says again "GET IT DOWN NOW OR IM TAKING IT DOWN!" I wave at him and pretend i couldnt hear him, "THATS IT IM COMING UP THERE!". At this time i rushed to take a few of these pics:

I wait for the policeman and here he comes, in his khaki uniform and sunglasses, in my mind im freaking out but i just smile and wave, he then lectures me about how im disturbing traffic with my sign, people down there can definately see the words "google wtc7" as clear as day and they were still honking. "You're either going to take it down right now or im going to take it down for you, which is it going to be?". At this time i say "im just expressing my first amendment right officer.." and he gives me the "i dont give a crap".

"Im going to have to cuff you" he grabs my right arm and twists it behind my back, meanwhile there are people passing by watching the cop with gloves push me up on the fence and proceeds to cuff me, i then turn around and say "im going to litegate if you detain me sir, im just letting you know." he then changes his toughguy tune dramatically and just tells me to sit down. He then goes off saying what im doing is illegal and that im interrupting traffic, meanwhile there are "NEVER FORGET" and flags hanging in the backround. He then turns me back around to uncuff me and says, "get your stuff and go". I ask him if its allright to do this on the sidewalk of a city college and he says its fine as long as my banner isint seen by traffic.

I was about to take a picture of him, but after i packed up all the stuff in the truck he just left and i didnt get the chance to snap a picture of this guy. I took some pictures of my battle wounds, there was nothing more than a few bruises on my wrists from the cuffs but thats it.

I then headed near the school, which was great, i met alot of people and passed some WTC7 flyers, alot of dropped-jaw faces from the people driving by, alot of kids were really impressed at the enormous size of the banner and alot of "thumbs up" and waves. Besides the confrontations with the cops it was a good time, alot of people asking me what WTC7 stood for, by the time the day was over i had the WTC-7 knowledge down like ive been doing this all my life! So i guess highwayblogging is out for awhile, ill still be going downtown everychange i get with this banner. I am proud of it and i think it will wake alot of people up.

Highway Blogging is very useful though, i probably reached about 500-1000 people by doing the freeway thing, although it didnt last long unfortunately.

Either Saterday or sunday i will do some more street actions, so stay tuned for that!

See an attorney, initiate a

See an attorney, initiate a lawsuit, and settle with them
for the oppurtunity to give a 2 hour lecture on the
questions surrounding 9/11.

Excellent idea

It really helps all of us if you follow through using every legal tool your solicitor can. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I never get tired of these....

....stories of patriotic activism.....

Great job; you do us all proud.

"Google WTC7" is my personal favorite freeway blog. 7 is the string that, when pulled on, unravels the whole treacherous criminal act of Treason that was 9/11.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars