American Presidents & "Globalization"

I was researching something else yesterday and quite by accident I ran into the following webpage.

"American President: An Online Reference Resource
In-depth information reviewed by prominent scholars on each President and administration
Welcome to the redesigned web site. Here you will find the content from the original site in an improved presentation. We have more fully integrated with its longtime host, the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, the nation’s leading research institute for the study of the American presidency.

Our editors are working on updating the Key Events section and portions of the Presidency in Action section of the former web site.

American President: An Online Reference Resource is a comprehensive collection of material about the Presidents of the United States and the history of the presidency. This web site features essays about each President and their lives before, during, and after their presidential terms. It additionally provides information about the First Lady and cabinet officials of each administration.

A collection of essays on the President at Work delves into the function, responsibilities, and organization of the modern presidency and traces the history and evolution of presidential duties."

The page then has broken the 200+ years of our nations history into eight categories.
"Early Republic (1789-1829); Jackson Democracy (1829-1853); Sectional Conflict (1853-1881); Gilded Age (1881-1897); Progressive Era (1897-1921); Depression & World Conflict (1921-1961); Social Change & Soviet Relations (1961-1989) and Globalization (1989- )". The names of the Presidents are listed under each category.

What concerns me is the last category "Globalization". The presidents listed are "George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush".

I am sure that when I revisit the website I will be able to find out more information about "Globalization" and how an American President has apparently risen above keeping the oath of office that he took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Seeing as I just found out about this and have not heard any of the 2008 presidential candidates bring up the subject of "Globalization". I wonder how many other Americans know about it. I wonder if any of the leaders of the other foreign countries are aware of this and approve of what is going on.

"Globalization" is a good word to explain why the president has been importing toys from China with lead paint to "Dumb" our children. It also explains some of 9/11 and the announcement that the "Air was safe to breath" at Ground Zero. If you saw the History Channel program regarding the sorting of the debris that was removed from Ground Zero, you saw that the people who filled the buckets with the debris were not equipped nearly as well as the sorters at Fishkill. The sorters had the same type of protective outfits that the teams that appeared at the alleged Shanksville crash site and the alleged Pentagon crash site.

As I see it, America is no longer the land of the brave and home of the free. They have been slowly redefining truth and justice to fit their own Globalization plans. There isn't any truth or justice in America anymore and there hasn't been any since John F Kennedy was assassinated by a series of covert operations that involved a wide range of secret government agencies, international crime families, etc. The Warren Commission did the original cover-up and the secret government agencies grew and became more dangerous. They had gotten away with it and they wanted more.

The events of 9/11 had the same M.O. Various multinational secret government agencies, trillions of dollars spent during the planning, building and equipping the two specialty aircraft that hit the Towers, prewriting complicated legislation to pay money to the corporations (airliners, delivery services, etc) and the new product for the insurance companies to sell (Terrorism Risk Insurance) to prevent any investigations, payoffs to the media, etc.

There was one slight problem. George W. Bush, was like his father and brother Jeb and couldn't win fair voter elections. The 2000 presidential election involved the Florida voter fraud, litigation and revelation of the corruption of the US Supreme Court Judges who should have recuse themselves. The vote was a 5-4 and the US Supreme Court handed America over to the real Terrorists.

There are more powerful people than the Bush Crime Family. People who have their own secret agencies and/or royal guards and/or bodyguards that even the Bush Family dare not say "no" too.

I would appreciate any links to information to learn why this "Globalization" since 1989 has been kept from the concerned citizens of the world and where I can find any information that may have been released to the United Nations about their "Globalization" plans.

I thought that getting the information about this "Globalization" category out to the 911 Truth movement had a high priority.