Amy Goodman Supports a New 9/11 Investigation

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WeAreChange Colorado caught Amy Goodman just before a speech, to ask if she would support a new investigation of 9/11.

"Oh, I think what happened on 9/11 needs to be much further investigated," she told cameras briefly.

The Democracy Now! radio host is seen on video running from WTC Building 7 and may have heard a countdown prior to its collapse.

First responder Kevin McPadden reports that he was within a block or so of Amy Goodman's location when he heard the countdown for implosion through a Red Cross radio just before he was told to "run for your life" by a Red Cross worker. He says a large number of people in the proximity of Goodman started running prior to the collapse and very-likely heard the countdown being broadcast over radio units.

At this point in time, it is not clear whether or not Goodman heard such a countdown or whether she has reported on that important element, but it is reassuring to know she is willing to support a further investigation.

Thank you Amy! Finally!

Thank you Amy! Finally!

old boys sept11th club

WASHINGTON - Former federal judge Michael Mukasey, picked by President Bush to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, appears unlikely to face a bruising confirmation battle in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Mukasey handled high-profile terrorism cases as chief judge of the federal courthouse in Manhattan for six years. His selection was to be announced by Bush at midday Monday in a Rose Garden ceremony.

Mukasey, 66, currently serves as a judicial adviser to GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.

Mukasey, 66, currently serves as a judicial adviser to GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.

Mukasey, 66, currently serves as a judicial adviser to GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.

Lets get rid of the dog . . . enough already.

The dog continues to shit on the living room carpet.

yes, like Patrick Fitzgerald

yes, like Patrick Fitzgerald he was involved in the 93 WTC FBI bombing farce. i should have seen this one coming but was so afraid of Chertoff or Olson being named i didnt even think of it.........

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


Mukasey attended Columbia, receiving his B.A. in 1963, and Yale Law School, receiving his LL.B. in 1967. He practiced law for 20 years in New York City, serving for four years as an Assistant United States Attorney in the federal prosecutor's office[1] in which he worked with Rudolph Giuliani. In 1976, he joined the New York law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, to which he returned after retirement from the U.S. District Court.[5]

Mukasey swore in Mayor-elect Giuliani in 1994 and 1998. [6]

Mukasey's son, Marc L. Mukasey,[7] leads the white-collar criminal defense practice in the New York office of Bracewell & Giuliani.[8]

The Mukaseys are justice advisers to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

well the 911 insiders are closing ranks.

Yep, Just another Zionist Scumbag.

Ho, hum. Just another day in Oceania...

"Passing the historical curiosity that the standard El-Gabrowny advocates would disqualify not only an obscure district judge such as the author of this opinion, but also Justices Brandeis and Frankfurter, who would be barred from reviewing the case if they were alive and sitting today, each having been both a Jew and a Zionist, whether the presiding judge is an Orthodox Jew or a Zioinst or some combination of the two, or neither, is utterly irrelevant to this case."

Edit: BTW, Phuck Amy Goodman! She threw you a wood nickel just so you'd leave her alone. She has done NOTHING to advance the truth cause and there's no indication she's going to. Although, I'm sure she's all for LIHOP, seems that's where this movement is being steered...

even more connected still......

Attorney General Nominee: Pro-Patriot Act, Giuliani Campaign Advisor, Contributor
Also Presided over Larry Silverstein WTC litigation

Mukasey also heard the trial of Jose Padilla, ruling that the U.S. citizen and alleged terrorist could be held as an enemy combatant, but was entitled to see his lawyers. Mukasey also was the judge in the litigation between developer Larry Silverstein and several insurance companies arising from the destruction of the World Trade Center, a case which ultimately ended with a federal court deciding that insurers owed a maximum of $4.6 billion, more than the $3.5 billion term of the insurance policy.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

just throwing a bone.......

she could EASILY do a real show on 9/11 and the absurdity of the official story instead of just a phony debate between LC and PM. she still hasnt. i dont trust this woman, shes had so much time and felt so much pressure from groups like ours and this is the best she can do? she probably just wanted the reporter to go away so she threw him a bone. how would it have sounded if she said no? she knows.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I totally agree Chris.

Seeing is believing. Either put-up or shut-up. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.

Amy is not the enemy

Why do we care. Lets support Richard Greene at Air America Radio. Amy had her chance, she's going to look inept when this knowledge becomes mainstream. Her loss.

Gatekeepers do a great deal of harm to the truth movement. Amy

has been a gatekeeper for six years now!

BTW, did she indeed hear a "countdown" when they "pulled" WTC-7 before her very eyes??? And where is the audio for that video of Goodman watching WTC-7 implode? Lastly, who told Goodman & all the others to assemble & wait at 5:00 pm on 9/11 to see #7 come down?

Here is a list of the Enemy

I just ran across this list of the people who were responsible for 9/11. It is the most complete list I have seen to date. These are the September criminals..... Check it out truth seekers.

Great list.

I'd like to see one of all the people helping in the cover up, e.g. Murdoch, Rush, Hannity, Medved, Savage, O'Reilly, Mahr, Amy Goodman....anyone in the media who even insinuates the muslims did it.

There's no way I know more than they do. They are completely lying. I can't help but think many of those involved are actually more scared than we are, especially when more and more people are standing on highways with signs and WeareChange videos popping up everywhere and it looks like they may not be as protected as they were told.

I REALLY upset a "good" engineer while telling him about the horrific fraud. It only took me a few minutes to show him that he actually didn't know one thing about what really happened on that day. On Monday, he sent me an email and said "I looked into wtc7 and concluded that it was probably a cover up, but that's as far as I'm allowing myselk to go with it". I took it as meaning he didin't want to know any more. Maybe he meant he didn't believe any any of the other stuff. If that"s the case, I'll work on him a bit more.

Throwing a bone - agree.

"9-11 needs more investigation" is just a new politically correct neutral answer. Hey, even Lee Hamilton said that 9/11 commission was the "first draft of history", that there is no way they had even come close to nailing everything. So, what's the harm in saying that "more investigation is needed"? Nothing! And there is no reason for us to celebrate.

I completely agree with

I completely agree with Chris and Maddog. She's been feeling our 9/11 truth heat for quite some time now. If she REALLY supported a new investigation, she would have vocally endorsed it long ago. Like some above stated, she was just throwing us a bone.
I stopped trusting her/listening to her show long ago.

Same goes with Michael Moore and other "gatekeepers".
Time is of the essense now and I don't see any urgency coming from Ms. Goodman. Not an ounce of it.


She was there when WTC7 went down.

AN EYEWITNESS for crying out loud.

Right, Al-Qaeda did it.

Meanwhile Al-Capone controls the Congress and tells them

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

I wonder why impeachment is off the table.


Who do we listen to?


I know a few patriots who have a response to this.

It looks like Prez Bush does not like the Constitution to be thrown at his imperial face.

Don't worry.

It won't.

Why would we want to soil a Sacred Document Anyway.

"And will you have Laurie Van Aucken on your show?"

Where's the follow-up about having the Jersey Girls or William Rodrigues on her show? This is the very least she could do..

Perhaps things will change. Maybe the recent coverage by "Air America" will help her see the light! (Over half of ALL Americans and two-thirds of New Yorkers want a real investigation for Christ's sake.) Wake up, Amy!

Air America Features 9/11 Truthers

Air America Features 9/11 Truthers
Monday, September 17, 2007 -

Now that the radio program "Clout" has been moved to a regular weekday slot, its host Richard Greene has determined that 9/11 truther guests will continue to be a regular or semi-regular feature on his progam, according to sources contacted by the program. The program has carried numerous truther guests in the past weeks, including, and is lining up more such guests for future programs.

According to Wikipedia: "Clout is a two-hour syndicated radio program in the United States, airing on the Air America Radio Network. The show is hosted by Richard Greene, and debuted on May 26, 2007, airing Saturday nights from 8-10PM ET, with a replay on Sunday afternoons from 2-4PM. On September 4, 2007 Air America Radio decided to move the shows to weekdays from 8-10pm EST.On September 8, 2007 Weekend Clout premiered with guest hosts along with clips from Richard Greene interview."

Air America, recently purchased after a series of financial scandals, has an expanded roster of hosts and a newly updated website at


David Ray Griffin on Clout (Air America Radio Aug 25)

I'm Holding My Breath...

...until Amy comes out with more gatekeeping attack pieces.
(or accepts more money from the Ford Foundation)

Sorry, I just can't believe that Goodman will publicly repeat her support for a new investigation.
Hope I'm wrong tho...

Thanks for posting the info about the Air America show.
It is important to focus on the positive after all.

Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury...

If she agrees that there are many things about 9/11 that need further investigation then why isn't she investigating?!?

Makes me wonder if she is under specific threat NOT to cover 9/11?

Kudos for getting her to acknowledge the need for more investigation- this can be used to demand that she follow through herself!

Minimalist comment from GoodmaN

I don't think that we should over-interpret this remark from Goodman. She acts as a gatekeeper, whatever her motivation. It could be: fear of backlash, on someone's payroll, afraid of losing funding, deep denial in a psychological sense, listening to too many other 9/11 coincidence theorists on the left, what have you. We just can't know for sure, but all of the above are somewhat plausible, if not exhaustive.

Mike Zimmer

When Will Amy Do Her Job

OK Amy Goodman. It's about time. So when is she going to give some air play on her very popular show. When is she going to have Dr. Lynn Margelus, or Jeff King, or any of the Architects or Military Officials or Government Officials who are demanding an investigation. When is she going to have William Rodriguez on her show, or any of the countless eyewitness to explosives in the WTC. When?

conspiracy b52 nukes

Since the Minot story broke a week ago about the missing nukeclandestine operation from Minot, we have the following (for those who are paying attention):

1. All six people listed below are from Minot Airforce base
2. All were directly involved as loaders or as pilots
3. All are now dead
4. All within the last 7 days in 'accidents'

found at wrh readers letters

This deserves a blog entry,

...don't you think?

If point 2 can be confirmed,

If point 2 can be confirmed, this is big news.
Is there any way to know the names of those directly involved?

JFK on secrecy and the press

conspiracy B52 nukes

1. "All six people listed below are from Minot Airforce Base" - They are not all from Minot, as far as I could determine. John Frueh was at Hurlburt Field in Florida and the husband and wife that died were from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

4. "All within the last 7 days in 'accidents'" - Not all of them died within the last 7 days. Air Force Capt. John Frueh died Aug. 30th. 1st Lt. Weston Kisssel, 23rd Bomb Wing, Minot Air Base died in Tennessee on July 17th. ( ) Adam Barrs died July 5th, the driver of the car, Stephen Garrett (also from Minot) is being charged with negligent homicide. (

How do we know if any of them were involved as loaders or pilots of the B52?

Trust me...

All she was doing was giving the guy lip service as she does with everyone else . I did my research on Amy Goodamn before i confronted her at a speech she was giving here in Melbourne Florida last Feb. Like others have allready said , she can have some of the experts in the movement on her show to discuss or debate the issues but she chooses not to. She's full of shit and Gatekeeper is an understatement. 6 yrs now guys 6 yrs. Think about it.
Everytime someone asks her a question about 911 she does the same thing. She never has time or she gives them the run around or brings up the Loosechange/ Pop Mechanics debate. Go to you tube and google and you will see.
Mike in Florida.......

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace

These are the Traitors in the Media

No different from the Perpetrators of 911.

The complicity of the media is INEXCUSABLE.


She belongs with the rest.

Colmes, Hannity, Limbaugh.

I see smoke coming out of my keyboard now.

That's fury for you.

I see a website - coming up.

Guess who is coming to dinner and justice?

Patriotism is NOT a BIRTH RIGHT.

It is defined by one's actions.


Her ACTIONS or should I say INACTIONS speaks volumes.

Right- she has no time. She always has a speaking engagement to attend.

What a shameful example of journalism.

"Gatekeeper" (left or otherwise) is a misused and abused term

And at this point has little to no real meaning. (if it ever really did, anyway)

So I won't call her that.

But interpreting her comment to mean any more than what it probably meant in simplistic terms is probably erroneous.

Which is why we all have to be very careful and very specific about any questions asked of such people. And be short and concise, as well. Which is not always easy.

If anything, the question should have been qualified with an "in a 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement sense", or words to that effect.

I don't think that would have gotten the same response from her.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Principle Investigator, Forensic 9/11ologist

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein


but why waste the time, we all know she is a gatekeeper. like you said she herself ran away from building seven blowing up on her.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

GateKeepers are Complicit


Treason has many strange bedfellows.

This is one journalist who does not know TRUTH is the FIRST AND FOREMOST PILLAR OF JOURNALISM.

The Voice of the American People will not be Silenced by Gate Keeping Deceivers.

The Politicians would not have gotten away with (so far) if they did not have Media-Manipulators
aiding and abbeting them after the fact.

They need to know they too will be brought to Justice.

She was there when WTC 7 was brought down.

She knows.

What was that they were parroting in Nuremberg?

Just Following the Fuhrer's Orders.


Bush on the Constitution: ‘It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’

“I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

I’ve talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution “a goddamned piece of paper.”

And, to the Bush Administration, the Constitution of the United States is little more than toilet paper stained from all the shit that this group of power-mad despots have dumped on the freedoms that “goddamned piece of paper” used to guarantee.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, while still White House counsel, wrote that the “Constitution is an outdated document.”

I wonder if Amy Goodman agrees. Silently of course.

She is a Gatekeeper.

Soon to be inmate.

Lackluster. Too bad the


Too bad the years you spent maliciously attacking a pursuit of a new investigation has gone a lot further than this one statement.

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Very good news. The other

Very good news. The other day she also covered the recent Zogby poll as well. Things are looking up! I'm also amazed by how many of my video clips are now linked to so many sites, thank you for all your support everyone.


Don't forget 911 was a US military bloodbath

This list is not complete.

Henry Hugh Shelton is missing and he is most certainly FULLY responsible, and he enjoys his retirement with fat money from no-show board-member "jobs".

Amy Goodman would loose her job the moment she mentions 911 on air. The fear (and cowardice) of US american VIPs is criminal. But only solidarity will help.

The angloamerican society of paralysing fear needs replacement by a fearless socialism.
Yet can you imagine what happens when the US military is found out to have committed 9/11?

Uneducated gun-culture USA meets Chomsky?