Cincinnati Street Action

The Cincinnati area has a 9/11 truth group. Who knew?

Here's a short video I made near the end of the event. The crowd was slowing down, and we were about to head home, when I started filming this video. Next time I'll make a point to take more pictures.

Here's a run down on our September 11, 2007 action. First, at about 10:00 AM, we met at a major interstate exit heading into he city, and had a few signs. One said "9/11 truth ends this war... Free DVDs here." Lots of people were stopping, looking for some information. We handed out many DVDs.

Then, at about 11:30 AM, we made our way to the Fountain Square, the main town square in Cincinnati. We wanted to hit that spot for lunch. We had about ten or twelve people here, and we handed out DVDs for about three hours. We got lots of attention and handed out a massive number of fliers and DVDs with 9/11 Press for Truth and 9/11 Mysteries on it.

So, we are planing more events. If you are in the Cincinnati area, and you would like to be involved with our group, check out We have an active forum, a blog with events and video, and a good group of hard working people. Really, last Tuesday was a blast. Hope to see you around, or to see videos of your events.

Looks like a good crew. We

Looks like a good crew. We get a lot of success in NYC when we leave a sign in the vicinity and engage those who stop to check it out. Talking Truth to the people is one great way to Justice. It seems everytime I go out on street actions more and more people are either in the know already or at least opening up to it; especially when they discover all the credible people who are demanding an investigation. I'd have to say when people hear that there are hundreds of Government and Military officials and Architects and Engineers and controlled demolitiohn experts and scholars and scientiist, I think they realize it is a serious matter which needs their attention. 911 press for Truth is a great starter. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share my views with you great Patriots.