Dr. Bob Bowman in Detroit

Here is some video I helped capture of Dr. Robert Bowman on the Detroit stop of the "Patriots Tour." In the video he gives his inaugural address if HE were elected president. Please share and enjoy!

To see the last four clips go here: http://www.eclipptv.com/videoList.php?pg=videonew&tags=bowman

Bob Bowman, Patriot through

Bob Bowman, Patriot through and through. Bless Bob Bowman!

Agreed... I've always thought highly of Bob Bowman too...

Just something about him...

The very best of wishes to you Bob Bowman and many thanks for standing with us.


We definitely don't have enough people like him around

The last I heard, he was trying to get the military to court-martial Bush. (and Cheney?)

Go Bob!

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