A french site is starting a petition asking new investigation

There's a french (from France) site that is taking the initiative to push forward a petition around the world asking for a new investigation of 9-11. I think that could be a good thing to go there and sign it. Above all this, it would be nice if a judicial movement was coming from outside USA.
This is the URL.


Go there.

Reopen 911

is Jimmy Walter's site.

His site is reopen911.org...

I don't believe they are related (I may be wrong).

Below are the links on the reopen911.info site...

USA Links

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Scholars For 9/11 Truth
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William Rodriguez
Cooperative Research
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9/11 Proof
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Europe Links

9/11 Truth Europe
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[uk] The British 9/11 Truth Campaign
[nl] Onderzoek 911
[nl] Waarheid 911
[ie] Irish 9/11 Truth Movement
[de] 9/11 Komplott
[de] 911Research.de
[fi] Syyskuun 11
[pt] O 11 de Setembro 2001
[es] 11-s.net Portada
[se] 9-11.se
[se] Investigate 9/11
[dk] Agenda911
[sk] 911.yweb.sk
[de] Infokrieg
[dk] 911 Truth


My French is lacking, but the site appears genuine enough.

Best wishes

I send that post

And that site is really a french site from France. They are working very hard to make realise that 9-11 was a neocon job to Europeans. To answer you it's no one' s specific site. It's a french community who are working together .

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.