Loose Change: Final Cut

What the heck is going on with Loose Change: Final Cut. I Googled it and hardly found anything. We are about to go to war with Iran and all the other hell that seems to be occurring including economic problems forecasted, and I thought this movie was supposed to hit theaters this September? Doesn't seem anyone is talking about it.

If there is any information I'm not aware of I'd like to know, otherwise we need to push Dylan Avery and Mark Cuban to let us know what is up.

I hope there isn't any skullduggery going on. I'm sure the NWO is working like hell to keep this from coming to the public. I'd just like an update on it.

And let's not forget:
"Phil Donahue was anti-war during the build up. He had the highest ratings on MSNBC until they cancelled his show 2 weeks before the war."

I'm sick for information on this movie. I was so looking forward to it being in cities around America. We need a break.

I even heard David Ray Griffin was involved in the process of making the movie and was supposed to oversee its premier in some foreign country.

What is the deal.

I was just going to ask

the same thing, last I heard this was supposed to be out on Sept 10th.
Did it even play anywhere other than Norway? or where ever it was. Find it hard to believe after so much hype for about 6 months and then NOTHING not even a word.

I don't have much more info

I don't have much more info either, but I heard Mark Cuban pulled out a long time ago. He fell victim to the O'reilly type bashings and got scared, or at least I guess.

I haven't heard if Charlie Sheen is going to do the voice over, but i highly doubt it this late in the game. Seems like LCFC isn't doing to well. Of course, I may be wrong on that, but every single date the LC crew has shot for has been postponed. The latest date is like November or something...wouldn't surprise me if it came out in '08.


I think Sheen taped a naration, but has not yet agreed to allow it to be used in the movie.

I also heard Dylan Avery say on his radio show that "We love 9/11 Blogger. We love the blogger."

Possible December Release

According to a broadcast on GCN- Alex Jones, Loose Change was only Previewed at NYC this September. It was a test screening of a 90% complete production

It is still in its final production stage and final chapter or two remains incomplete.

It appears that the Louder than Words Crew is planning for a Dec / Christmas release pending no unforseen delays.

End Game is complete and will be out by October 15th. They are mastering the DVD's now for distribution.

Correct me if I am wrong on this.

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Neither WILL 911.


A missed opportunity

Maybe I'm naive about the amount of work that goes into making a movie, but the delayed release of LCFC seems like a missed opportunity of enormous proportions. The LC guys have good reason to remain quiet about the details, but the silence is alienating to a small but dedicated public very much interested in knowing what is going on.

It bothers me......

that the loose change guys don't stay in touch with us here at 911 blogger. I thought we are all a team.


Lets stop breathing down their necks, remember it was all the scrutiny and questions about the Final Cut that lead to the Cuban thing leaking! Just lets leave them alone, I heard nov 11 will be the release date, Dylan is not sure about theatres or not, he truly does not know, a dvd release seems likely, but if something big does come up, than well all babble about it and the neocons will Trash it just like they did the CUban thing.

Think about it if Cuban thing were kept secret there would be a 50 million dollar budget, ads on TV, but people kept pressing for more info and the thing leaked and Cuban bailed, could be the biggest blunder of all time, it would have been huge if a major studio backed it, because of all our big mouths asking questions the biggest breakthrough went down the drain, lets leave them alone, we have been breathing down thier necks so much secrets are getting revealed and massive oppurtunities are being lost. Meanwhile instead of demanding this and that we should take inspiration from the movie zeitgeist, the biggest film since LC2, that cost a couple k to make and is getting 40k views a day! we should be making movies like that in the meantime instead of back seat driving!

LCFC Review


The film began with a prologue which was an excellent introduction. It was immediately noticeable that Final Cut was the older, wiser brother to Loose Change 2nd Edition. This film has a much more polished, professional feel to it than its predecessor. The film was separated into acts and chapters. The first chapter dealt with the Able Danger program, and included newsclips and testimony of Kurt Weldon but nothing new. This was a solid part of the movie, and set the tone for the rest of the film.

The next chapter dealt with NORAD and the flights themselves. This is where we get to see most of the computer graphics in action. They were very detailed and gave an effective visual aid to accompanying information. This section also explores some of the cover up concerning this information in regards to the 9/11 Commission. Its a bit convoluted at times, but I think that Dylan's editing made it accessible to people new to the movement, which seems to be the point of this film.

Then it was time for the Pentagon. I thought this section was handled very well. Dylan presented the fact that there are anomalies concerning the official theory and two schools of thought on this. He presents the two main schools, and then questions why anything hit the Pentagon at all. This section included the infamous Mineta Testimony, and a newer interview of Norman Mineta by a We Are Change chapter. There is also an interview with retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern that is pertinent and humorous.

Then it is time for the World Trade Center. This chapter left me a little wanting, as one of the best parts of Loose Change 2nd Edition was the part highlighting the squibs. There is no such footage in Final Cut. We also do not get to see any footage of Richard Gage or William Rodriguez, which I think is a mistake, and hopefully Dylan will add something about these two gentlemen. It was apparent that this chapter was quite unfinished, so there may yet be changes to it. One of this chapters best parts is 9/11 first responder John Feal telling the camera, "Go to jail Christine Whitman. Go to jail."

The film then moves on to the Flight 93 crash. This chapter is completely different than the section in Loose Change 2nd Edition. It does not stray into murky areas of speculation and hearsay. But it also seemed that this chapter too, was very unfinished.

The movie's last chapter deals with the fall of World Trade Center 7. This was the best part of the movie in my opinion, and presents a very solid case for the controlled demolition of the building, and the need to have a real investigation into it. The much hyped inclusion of an interview with Barry Jennings, a man who claims to have witnessed explosions inside WTC 7 when the towers fell, was pulled from the film. Instead, a simple black screen with white text explains that due to threats Mr Jennings recieved about his interview, he asked that it not be included in the film. Of course the filmmakers respected his wishes. I believe that once Dylan Avery finishes polishing up the film and tying up loose ends, that the strongest chapter of Final Cut is the chapter on building 7. It ends with that familiar clip of Danny Jowenko saying "Then they must have worked very hard."

There is no conclusion to the film, and no ending credits. It was apparent the entire viewing that the film was unfinished. The music that was featured so far stuck to LC2E's roots, but is also more diverse thanks to the music of Dave Cahill. The computer graphics were excellent, the interviewees very informative. All in all, I thought it was a huge step up from the days of Loose Change 2nd Edition. Once finished, LCFC will will definitely make an invaluable addition to any truthers library, and a great weapon in the infowar against those who would keep us in the dark forever.


No van packed with

No van packed with explosives on the George Washington Bridge?

No Sivan Kurzberg and the psychic Mossad videographers?


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Give them the breathing room they need . . .

Hopefully, the final draft of the movie will earn them several film nominations or awards for best documentary. Does anyone here know what the rules are to making such submissions? Could Loose Change: Final Cut possibly win the Oscar or the Golden Globe for best documentary? If so, THAT should be the goal as it will definitely get 9/11 truth the world's attention!