75 Professors and Scientists... 2006 Muslim Conference Video.

"By God we will come to the bottom of it."

This is classic... from late 2006.

Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job.' Daily Mail Sept 6th 2006.


This video and the information it contains provides excellent propaganda ammunition against our movement.

True, and the bold field on

True, and the bold field on this blog entry needs closing.

Some of the information he

Some of the information he is repeating is not accurate but the message is clear - 9/11 Was an Inside Job, engineered to give the pretext to initiate aggressive wars in the middle east. And to create "a fear psychosis" to strengthen the Government's power.

If anything it demonstrates the need to internationalize the material of 9/11 Truth to as many languages as possible, whether to provide captions in other languages or over dubbing, either way the message of truth travels when it can be understood.

and someone needs to close the < b > tag in the blog.

EDIT: I distinctly remember ProfJones stating that he never said those words and I believe he got a retraction or something from the paper who published it.
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