To all those (especially college students).....When questioning our politicians that are running for office.
First state that you would appreciate a direct answer to the questions you ask.Not a story,or a reply of a question in return....A DIRECT ANSWER.
In resopnce to the poor kid that got tazered.....Use your head!
Example.......... Mr. Kerry. Americans are not stupid. For once we would appreciate a diret answer.Americans want to know how you feel about the Federal Reserve. As you are aware it is not owned by our goverment. It's no more federal then federal express,and has no reserves.
So my first question is why does our goverment borrow money from a private banking institution,and pay intrest on it when it can print it's own money intrest free? Please don't insult us by saying it controls inflation.
Second question........How do you feel about the gag order on Sibel Edmonds?She say's she has proof of treason commited by high government officials.
Third question.... How do you feel about the supreme court judge who ruled that our government does'nt have to show the law that makes americans responsible to pay taxes on their labor?
Fourth and final question......How do you feel about the over whelming evidence that has been obtained by the 9/11 truth movement?
PS.......Please make sure you have their attention. Stay calm and cool.