Atlanta 911 truth on CNN Cafferty File

John of on Cafferty file with "911 TRUTH NOW" signs in the background!

Yet sadly

a viable 3rd party is really the only hope we the people have, because quite clearly BOTH Democrats and Rethuglicans right now are worthless trash that are feeding out of the same corporate trough.
Only difference between the 2 parties is the Rethugs are INSANE and apparently all perverts & the Dems are just simply spineless but they both are working for the same masters which is the top 2%.

If we the people really want to effect change then vote Green instead of holding your nose and voting for a spineless corrupt Dem or an Insane perverted corrupt Rethug.

Proportional representation....

is the only hope to save American democracy. Without it third parties stand to gain no seats even if they get 20% of the vote nationwide. People rightly feel that they are throwing away their vote if they don't vote Republican or Democrat. All those people who vote for another party deserve to be represented as well, and proportional representation helps to rectify this situation. This is why almost all modern democracies with the exception of Canada and the U.S. have some kind of proportional representation, and they have much more representative democracies. As long as people feel their vote doesn't count third parties will continue to have no effect on the American political landscape and America will continue to be dominated the way it has been by the same two parties beholden to the same corporate paymasters.


...proportional representation (provided we first ensure honest elections) would go a long way toward solving many of our problems and would reinvigorate our republic.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars


Proportional representation plus abolish the way out dated electoral college and burn K street. Any lobbyist caught bribing a Congressman gets LIFE without parole.
Then have ALL campaigns solely funded by federal tax money, each candidate gets 10 Million the end, you use one penny over that and you forfeit immediately, ALL campaign commercials are to be supplied for FREE by ALL broadcasters. Those are PUBLIC AIRWAVES that WE allow them to use to make BILLIONS off of.
All 50 States are to hold their own debates in anyway they so choose and each candidate must attend every debate.

Thanks for the comments, but that is NOT THE POINT!!!

The point is that 911 truth made msm!!
Millions of people saw the "911 truth now" signs.
You cant buy this kind of exposure...

And as for the politics, Ron Paul is all I need to know.
Party affiliation means nothing to someone who actually
honors the truth, follows the constitution, and serves the
people. At this point he is the only one I actually feel I can trust!
Nuff bout that... I am proud we made history with this clip.
Atlanta 911 truth ROCKS!!!

Taking the truth about 911 to the streets.

You could get 10X this

exposure on national TV 5 days a week by just putting a couple of people in the GMA & Today show crowd.
and if you think Ron Paul is the answer to all our problems then you are sadly mistaken.