Can Truthers Learn from Quebec History (or The Coming Quiet 9/11 Revolution)

Many 9/11 Truthers bemoan the absence of a revolutionary spirit in America today. Knowledge of the truth about 9/11 necessarily creates the desire the see massive social change take place in America, to bring justice to the perpetrators and safety from future false flag terror attacks and the inevitable wars that follow. Many see the passivity and apathy in America and fear there is no hope for America. It's ideals are gone, the public has been brainwashed and the system is corrupted beyond repair.

As someone with a deep knowledge of Quebec history, I see many parallels to America today and Quebec in the 1950s. For those without any background knowledge of the Quiet Revolution in Quebec see these links:

In Quebec there is today great respect for the Quiet Revolution. It is seen as a period of great enlightenment in Quebec, a time when the shackles of the past, mainly from the Church, were thrown off and massive leaps towards progressive social change were made. Modernization, urbanization, rights for women and for francophones, and a general secularization swept through society quickly and thoroughly. And though it is seen now as inevitable, at the time there was much resistance to it, predictably from those who stood to lost their power. And for those progressives ahead of their time, advocating for these changes before the Quiet Revolution, the situation seemed as hopeless as ours does today. The force of the Quiet Revolution came from mass education, and the mass realizations that followed. People all started to believe in these ideals, and the revolution grew up organically from below as a result.

I see today parallels to the political climate in Quebec during this time and the current political climate in the United States. I believe that everyday more and more people are waking up to the truth about 9/11. And though there are no massive rallies, and heads are not rolling in the streets, the Quiet 9/11 Revolution is coming.

In Quebec the death of the conservative leader Maurice Duplessis sparked the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. Who knows what the spark will be that will begin the Quiet 9/11 Revolution in America, but it is surely inevitable, as was the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. The growing awareness of the 9/11 coverup will eventually culminate in massive changes in America, and the revolution will be as thorough and sweeping as the Quebec one was.

So fret not my brothers and sisters. Our numbers are growing everyday. We shall soon wake up one day and find that everyone accepts as common knowledge the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, that the towers were demolished with explosives, that it was pre-planned and that the following wars were all just a ruse. Heads will roll, treason will be punished, and justice will be served. A more democratic society will emerge, with the realization that corporations are as much if not more to blame than the government and that reforms must take place not just in the government but in the economic structure of America as well. After all it is not enough to blame the capitalists behind it, though they must certainly face justice. The entire system of capitalism must be examined and reformed to prevent this from happening again.

Our Quiet Revolution is coming my brothers and sisters. Fear not the death of your republic, for though it may not seem like it sometimes, we are winning. Rejoice in the knowledge that more people are waking up everyday and there is nothing that the perpetrators can do now except wait for their inevitable trial. Keep educating those around you, and never forget the lessons of the past. We are winning, our own Quiet 9/11 Revolution is coming.