Comment Letter On BBC Director Generals Blog - Demanding The BBC Investigate 9/11 As Part Of Its Drive For Truth

I wrote this to Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC after he claimed that all the trust issues of the BBC have been resolved. You can see his letter and my response (no 17) at

Please 9/11 Bloggers - dont write comments to me, add your voice to this blog, using the link above and demand the BBC Investigates 9/11. With continued pressure, the growing weight of evidence, and the new film Loose Change Final Cut, which I promise you will prove the official story of 9/11 is false, we will win this battle for democracy.

Mark Thompson knows sooner or later he will have to investigate 9/11. He is under tremendous pressure to resist us, but we have to show we are as strong and as wily as those that would seek to silence us.

I am confident that behind the scenes the Berlin wall that is seperating those who peddle falsehoods and those that know the truth will soon come crashing down....with your help.....that wall will crumble. Thank you.

Tim Sparke
Executive Producer
Loose Change Final Cut

Mr Thompson,

You know you are being economical with the truth when you say that all the trust issues have been satisfactorily investigated. There is one gaping issue you have utterly failed to report on. It is the biggest issue of this century, and you have been asked time and time again to investigate it independently, within the guidelines set out in the BBC Charter. It is the hoax of 9/11, that you still maintain, in all BBC coverage, was the sole work of 19 arab hijackers.

Given that 50% of the US population believe they have not been told the truth and more importantly a group of 500 - architects, engineers, pilots, professors, law enforcement officials (including 7 former CIA senior executives), pilots, physicists, and family victims all attest through their professional experience that the official story of 9/11 is a hoax, ( surely now you must take this issue seriously.

Later this year Loose Change Final Cut will be released. Using footage from the day shot from the cameras of the mainstream media, it will prove the official story of 9/11 cannot be true. Case closed.

It will cause deep distress to millions who will ask the question why, if the evidence of a cover up is so clear, did the world’s most trusted media brand, the BBC, not investigate 9/11 thoroughly, when repeatedly asked to do so. The BBC failed us over WMD and it is failing us now over 9/11. There is so much evidence to prove the official story cannot be true, you just have to be prepared to look. Think of it as the emperors new clothes....

If you maintain that the BBC can be trusted, then let me show you this new explosive film, and you can judge for yourself, what is self-apparent now to millions. You have my email, you know who I am. Get in contact Mark and judge our evidence with your eyes ears and head.

If you refuse to investigate this issue and you are found to be deliberately misleading the public, then you will personally be responsible for destroying the hard won reputation of the BBC - and that is something you should take very seriously. I know you as a good man, if perhaps a little weak. Show me I am wrong, that you are a man of some substance, and you are worthy of the title Director General.

We need a BBC that is prepared to ask the really difficult questions, whose loyalty to the viewer is unquestioned, and an organisation which when provided with evidence of malfeasance at the highest levels of government, grasps the challenge with pride, with confidence and with valour. Do the right thing for us, your licence fee payers Mr Thompson and investigate. Get in touch with me, expose yourself to the evidence and make a rational decision based upon what we now know now. You know it is your duty, by God and by mankind. Until we get to understand what really happened on 9/11 we cannot hope to end this hapless 'War On Terror'. Thank you.


Please, Tim, tell us.
Maybe I have missed something but....
When will WE get to see Loose Change Final Cut?
The last official word I heard was early summer, assuring a wide national release through Mark Cuban on September 11, 2007.
That time has passed and we are all anxious. Can you give us specific information on the status of this most anticipated event?
And thanks for your excellent and important work.


Can't find your response on the site

Did they delete it?

Something to keep in mind with regard to the BBC.

During a recent visit to Amsterdam, British ex-MI5 officer Annie Machon told the audience that there's always an officer of MI5 in the BBC's 'Board of Governors' (now 'BBC Trust')....

I can't find your comment

I can't find your comment either.

Outrageous BS by the BBC...

The comment was there when this blog was posted... I saw it with my own eyes...

They must have removed it...

Scandalous, don't they think of the future for their kids ???

Shameful !!!

Dont worry...all is well

I posted the letter again.

Lets see if it appears "after processing"

Hey! The original post is back up as number 17 again!

Not my post. They restored the original.

Also please note:
There is only ONE other post re 9/11, (see comment 57), pathetic level of attendance or is that censorship agan. Lets flood the gates.

I saw it this morning, too.

I saw it this morning, too. It was #17 if memory serves.

Well, their removing it completely undermines their post on "Trust and values," and of course shows once more that there is a media cover-up of 9/11.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Of course you are right, here is proof of cover-up

but may I suggest that you post your excellent comment about the bogus "trust and values" on the BBC board. It may slip through.

Please Re-post it and ask

Please Re-post it and ask them why they removed it. Why censor it? What happened to freedom of speech?

Richard Greene - Air America Radio - "Clout"

Its important that we support those who are asking the questions we want answered.

how to make a formal complaint

go to:

Make an official complaint -> submit -> website -> submit

just fill in the rest and submit.