Democrats Fiddle While Iraq Burns

Of course, actually investigating 9/11 and bringing the perpetrators to justice would be the best way to pull the rug out from under the whole fiasco.

Instead of actually ending the Iraq war, many Democrats today joined Republicans in fiddling around, wasting time and blowing hot air about an advertisement about the war.

And instead of rallying around a bill that would have cut off funding for the war, 20 Democrats voted against it. In response, "Senate Democrats defiantly charged ahead Thursday . . . armed with the mantra that Republicans, along with President Bush, now own the war."

This proves that most Democrats don't care about actually ending the war, but just want the political benefit of being able to act indignant and blame the mess in Iraq on the Republicans. Indeed, one Democrat who actually does want to do something is "livid that nothing concrete is being done about the war in Iraq except for empty gestures".

The Democrats could, of course, impeach the people who lied us into war based upon knowingly false statements about WMDs and Saddam's link to 9/11. Even if the people who got us into the war can't be removed, just starting impeachment proceedings would go a long way towards letting the Executive Branch know that it cannot have its way with the country, and that checks and balances on war and other issues will be restored.

Alternatively, the Democrats could decide not to continue funding the war. In other words, instead of solely relying on new bills that actively stop funding (and for which the Democrats apparently can't line up the votes), the next time a bill is introduced by the supporters of the war to continue funding, the Democrats could just vote no. It won't pass if they vote no. Without money, the war machine would grind to a halt.

Its like the game of chicken which politicians often play with the Federal budget, where one party puts heat on the other by holding up the budget until they get some concessions. Why can't the Dems hold up military appropriations bills until the White House agrees to a withdrawal timetable?

The Democrats aren't doing either of these things . . . or anything else that would actually stop or shorten the war. They are just posturing for the cameras.

The Democrats are fiddling while Iraq burns. And America's blood, treasure and reputation are all going up in smoke.

If you think I am a political partisan or anti-American for being against the Iraq war, remember that even the top U.S. general in Iraq has said that he doesn't know whether victory in Iraq will make us safer. And the American Secretary of Defense has said that he doesn't know if the Iraq war was worth it. And everyone from White House insider Phillips Zelikow to former chairman of the federal reserve Alan Greenspan have admitted that the Iraq war has nothing to do with the war on terror, weapons of mass destruction, or the safety of the United States.


Looks like we can only depend on ourselves and our rag tag group of 9/11 Truth Movement activists. Otherwise we are fucked. Sorry!

Thank God we are a pretty bad ass growing group. See for instance:

"David slew Goliath with a Sling and a Stone" ~ Bob Marley

Isn't it more than obvious that most top Democrats are in

collusion with most top Republicans??? The 2-party system of checks & balances has been infiltrated & is totally broken!!!

That's why we must elect Mike Gravel!

If we want to reform the way this country works politically, we must do all we can to get former Senator Mike Gravel elected President.

Read what Gravel says about 9/11.

Enact real democracy at

I'd give Gravel less than 6 months

to live if he was elected.

We know who owns the

We know who owns the parties, but dare point a finger at the power structure, like Jim Moran did with AIPAC (this leach that occupies the US). And what happened for telling the truth? You get called antisemite. Well, this nowadays meaningless SILLY word has totally shifted its meaning and lost its traction. These days, people should be proud called antisemite because it has nothing to do with Jews anymore and everything with stepping on powerful toes!

Good point

As far as Israel is concerned, the United States is a de facto totalitarian society--no articulate opposition is acceptable. The U.S. Congress passes one pro-Israel or anti-Iran resolution after another with "Stalinist" majorities. The population does not seem to care. But if they did, but what could they do? Vote? The electoral system is extremely biased against the emergence of a third party and the two big parties are equally under Zionist influence.

Both U.S. political parties are equally under the control of the Israel lobby, and so are the media.


Also see this

Congressman faces heat for

Congressman faces heat for comments on Jewish lobby

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Rep. Jim Moran, D-Virginia, is under fire from members of his own party for recent comments claiming a major Jewish public action committee was behind the push to invade Iraq in 2003.

In the September issue of the Jewish magazine Tikkun, Moran is sharply critical of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), saying "AIPAC is the most powerful lobby and has pushed this war from the beginning. I don't think they represent the mainstream of American Jewish thinking at all, but because they are so well organized… they have been able to exert power."

Moran will hear accusations of anti-semitism for the rest of his career for simply telling the truth. even some on this very site will no doubt pile on. the fact that Henry Waxman is circulating a letter telling Moran to take back his comments says it all about the Democratic party. cowards and co-conspirators, all of them.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Petraeus: We couldn't have asked for a better name

Finally, the whole "you're not supporting the troops" bullshit is falling flat on deaf ears. Because too many people now know the ONLY way to TRULY support the troops is to bring them home. Now!

I can shut most people up now with my standard, "I support the troops SO much, I don't want them over there at all. How much do YOU support the troops?"

It was a huge mistake for them to acknowledge the Move On ad. That free advertising was worth its weight in gold. Stupid bastards.

And then they vote to condemn an advertisement in a newspaper. How embarrassing is that? Another stupid mistake on their part. (they can't seem to help themselves anymore)

DemLibs and RepCons may both be fiddling while Iraq and this country burn, but the tune is off key, the song sucks, it's the wrong melody, the words don't make sense, and most unfortunate for them all, you can't dance to it, and that last will be the worst of their problems when the American people finally get their shit together. (more than they already have)

Now all we need is some "Sir! No, sir!" and some officer fragging in Iraq, and we're home free, so to speak. It's not long now.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Principle Investigator, Forensic 9/11ologist

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

as if to invite the move on ad

Rove probably scripted all of this. The reason the Dems aren't moving is because the military industrial complex is good at what they do. Killing people is not a foreign concept to them nor is releasing the videos/pictures of our representatives having sex with . . . uh . . . use your imagination.

Complete Transparency

The only way to end this war and stop the pending conflict with Iran is to expose exactly what happened on 9/11. The Democrats and the Republicans have both bought into this Empire destiny for our country and they will make damn sure it is fulfilled.
Whether or not they are doing it out of some misplaced fear for the pending Peak Oil situation or for simple greed is meaningless; good intentions or bad intentions matter not to the end result of turning our Representative Republic into a totalitarian state.
We must find a way to push forward without counting on the congress. In fact, is spite of the congress.

It's not just one ingredient ...

Mix one part Council of Foreign Relations, with one part AIPAC, with one part of controlled news media, with one part of overworked and tired citizens trying to raise a family, with one part of consolidating the US, CA, and MX thru the NAU, and we have a political takeover cocktail that is dismantling the soul of America.
Trying my best to wake people up who are pretending to be asleep.

Iam just curious

but are the Democrats fooling ANYBODY anymore? I mean anyone with a room temp IQ has to know by now that the Democrats could have stopped this war dead about 10 months ago and several times since by simply DOING NOTHING.
The Democrats have the control of what bill gets put up for vote..All they ever have had to do was simply not put the war funding bill up for vote and the war is defunded completely no votes needed and its veto proof. All they had to do WAS NOTHING!

Kucinich has stated this a few times.

They clearly have no intentions of stopping the war because they are being paid by the same crooks the Rethuglicans are.
The only way shit like this will ever stop is to vote ALL of these bastards OUT as soon as possible.

my own mother was a hardcore

my own mother was a hardcore Democrat. with the help of a little 9/11 truth and with the Dems proving they dont want to stop the war or hold Cheney/Bush accountable she tells me shes now going to register independent. people like us are winning, changing hearts and minds as they say.......

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

its like a drug addict

the war is the drug that keeps the economy going - it is also the poison that is killing the country - but when you see the picture of 20 brand new fire trucks being delivered to bagdhad where they will probably be blown up and have to reordered, you get an idea of how war keeps the factories humming.

Blow the country up and then rebuild it and charge them their natural resources to do so - "Economic Hitman"

Iraq Doesn't Want Us There!

4 out of every 5 Iraqis want us out of their country, and as far as I know the Iraqi government has never passed legislation requesting us to remain. If they are indeed a soverign nation now who has a P.M. and a parliment, they should have to REQUEST US to be there. It is not up to us to illegally occupy their nation with both military and mercenary troops against their will! (After having illegally invaded on false pretenses.)

In US more than 7 out of 10 want us out. Congress must not fund this and should de-authorize now. It is Bush's war.

BTW, there are more private contractors in Iraq now than US troops. 180,000 US contractors vs. 160,000 troops including the surge. Congress must also hold CONTRACTORS accountable-- many of whom are essentially private soldiers perform military roles like Blackwater.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The War on Terror is a Lie. 9/11 Was an Inside Job.

and 4 out of 5 American

the only folks that like Iraq are the 635 corporations that are making a "killing" off the war. the destruction of our volunteer army results in more contracts for the blackwaters.

sociopaths don't care about human beings, just about themselves.

Message from Iraq resistance