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I was recently wondering how to get the 911 truth message on TV - this being a free country and all - and it struck me that an infomercial may be the ticket. I keep seeing the guy telling me about 'cures they don't want you to know about'. He gets away with selling medical advice (not legal for him) by only selling a book (legal).

How about someone selling the DRG book? That's 30 minutes of TV time to go over, and over, and over the material. Who even really cares if even one book gets sold, but who knows, maybe it could even be self sustaining.

Does anyone know how I could get started with this idea; who to contact?

Excellent idea.

You could approach David Ray Griffin's publisher (especially if you are willing to front some money for the effort). He has a series of books that could be highlighted in individual segments.

Obviously, he and his publisher control those "products" and so you would need to get through to him. Have you ever produced infomercials before?

This is a good way to leverage some of the higher profile truthers like Charlie Sheen, providing you can contact them. Again, money is important. If you can get commitments (from wealthier truthers) for the cost of production, you are well on your way to making it happen.

Try asking Alex Jones' people and the Family Steering Committee if they would be open to such a project.

Good luck. Cable tv time can be bought relatively cheaply once you have the thing produced.

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This is an excellent idea,

This is an excellent idea, but it would take some pretty wealthy truthers. I did a little research and it looks like about $5,000 will get you 1 half hour weekend morning spot, or maybe 10 late night half hour spots in one market. It would probably take something like $50,000 per month to do a nationwide campaign. Neither of these costs include production costs, which is a one time fee. I say you would need a commitment of at least $250,000 to do a nationwide infomercial ad campaign for 6 months to a year.

Others have suggested putting up billboards, but I have a friend in that does work in that industry and I'm told that well-placed billboards run about $100,000 per month.

Advertising certainly isn't cheap. The MSM is supposed to be covering this stuff in the public interest, but we all know what a great job they have been doing for us so far.

Perhaps a Foundation for Funding

This would allow some wealthy truthers to make anonymous contributions to the project. Also it would reflect the grass roots nature of our movement.

Interesting comment, but I'd hope that decent billboards could

be rented/bought for much less than $100,000 per month.

(Even billboards out in the sticks could generate much publicity if they became the talk of the town.)

Sounds like a fine idea, and I'd bet numerous books would be

sold, as well as generating publicity for the truth movement, the thing we need most.

I think it can be done fairly cheaply

I know our local 9/11 truth chapter put a show on our local cable public access channel and the 1/2 hour show was I think $50.
You can in most cities I believe use their studio & equipment and they will even train you.

Here are 3 channels in my area. (sadly this one has been infested with delusional psychotics)

Actually it looks like their program is still running around 6-7 times a week starts at prime time 7pm Tues. Its called "You can Handle the Truth"

and here is a list of shows that I guess were aired on this channel. (unfortunately even though this person is doing more good than bad, like showing 9/11 Mysteries for instance, they are also shooting themselves in the foot with religious zealotry which is why I am no longer affiliated with them)

Here is one for San Fran.

Public access is probably everywhere there is cable and its virtually free.

There are also other options.

Something to learn from

Something to learn from that, if you are going for local access make sure your group is solid from the beginning. Anyone who has a means of reaching out to the masses is automatically a "Person of Interest" and they will attempt to subvert your organization (or lack thereof).
I did see some google video's put out by out of NC, and there is some subtle disinfo mixed in there for sure. (Cathy O'Brien/MKUltra)

Stick with the basics and resist the urge to put your name on anything that some benefactor throws at your feet.
The 9/11 Truth B-Team

This group stayed

pretty much OK with 9/11 truth information except for the religious hogwash a few members kept trying to interject.
crap like Bush is Satan , the CIA is some Satanic cult and other such total nonsense.

I can not be part of a group when I feel several members are full blown psychotics.

"Cut and Run Jimmy" Walter could have done it

I suggested he could have used some of his money to run late-night half-hour TV ad program spots for 9/11 Truth, which could have included selling books, DVD's, short interviews of people, etc.

But he has "cut and run", so I suppose nothing like that is going to happen.

And not only not by him, but not by anyone else, either. There are plenty of people who have the money to do something like that, and not one of them is stepping up to do it. That says something. Pick any of the celebrities. Charlie Sheen isn't super-rich, but he could do it if he really wanted to. And not to only specifically single him out, because there are many others.

And so it goes....

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