911Truth Finally Hits Progressive Primetime

From 911truth.org

911Truth finally hit progressive primetime on 9/11/07. Richard Greene, host of Air America program "Clout," welcomed four guests to the show to discuss 9/11 truth, while broadcasting live from the candlelight commemoration in L.A. Guests included "Jersey Girl" Lorie Van Auken, 911truth.org's Janice Matthews, Colonel Ann Wright, who resigned her State Department post in protest of the Iraq occupation, and Gina Belafonte, daughter of outspoken justice activist and 911truth supporter, Harry Belafonte.

At the end of the program, Richard tells listeners that demanding a congressional reinvestigation of 9/11 should become a "project" of Air America. many readers are aware that other Air America hosts, such as Thom Hartmann, have also been talking 911truth lately. Bravo to Mr. Greene for placing the issue in prime time.

Listen here and pass it on!

On a related note, the People's Email Network issued a campaign to demand Congressional reinvestigation of 9/11 within days of this interview. Their text reads:


By the admission of the chairmen of the 9/11 commission itself, they did not get to the truth, and were deliberately impeded and deceived through their entire investigation.

We are not going to attempt in this alert to theorize about what the actual truth is. The one thing we know for sure is that the "official" story is a fairy tale, just like children's book Bush kept reading while he did NOTHING during the attack itself.



Now that the American people are waking up to the fact that they've been lied to about everything else in the last 6 years, is it any wonder that they are increasing skeptical about how it is that our air defenses just evaporated on 9/11, so as to ALLOW any terrorist plot to succeed on that day.

Don't you think it's time, AFTER the deaths of 3,000 Americans in New York City, and even more in Iraq, AFTER squandering a trillion dollars or more of our treasury on a phantom WMD and Al Qaeda chase in that country, don't you think it's time that the American people were finally told the truth?

NOW, years later, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton whine they were systematically lied to and denied the funds to do a proper job. Why did they not put up more of a fight about this at the time they were betraying the trust of the American people? Of course the 9/11 commissioners have only themselves to blame for failing so miserably in their duty. In the first place, instead of a silly charade, they SHOULD have demanded that Cheney and Bush testify separately and under OATH with a transcript. But they did not, because the Cheney White House already knew Bush could not be trusted alone to compose a sentence in the English language not being fed to him by a teleprompter. He's so stupid he might accidently blurt out the truth. He's prone to blurting out his own stage directions as it is, like when he said his job was to "catapult the propaganda". You can be sure Karl Rove winced when he heard that one on the TV.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

Richard Greene Interviews David Ray Griffin 8/25


Please support Richard Greene and Air America Radio by becoming a premium member. The line up gets better and better.

I listened to the 911 presentation

when it aired but missed the earlier DRG one. I was stunned. On AAR? After observing the Mike Malloy debacle? Of course ownership has changed. Richard Clout has my vote. And I will support AAR .

I think his blog is a good place to go to comment. I recommend posting about 9/11 when it is the subject but advise responding to other non-911-related posts -not- with explicit 9/11 comments. But rather, comment on the subject with the understanding most of us have about all of the obvious concerns and interpretations of national and geopolitical events that - are implied by 911 truth. You know, all the things we all most likely share a knowledge that require an assumption of 911/false flag/black ops/govt. corruption and so forth. Attack the memes of the government. But when the subject is about 911, comment, but only with solid, scientifically supported arguments, evidence-based information designed to softly persuade. Not harangue. The message must be a massage. And professional in implementation.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Air America's Clout Blog


Here's a place for any courageous 911bloggers to post and discuss.
It may well be worth our effort and a step towards the tipping point we all long for.


Take the chance. They seem friendly over there.

Mike Malloy can be found at . . .

Mike Malloy came to talk radio by accident. Writing for CNN in 1987, a friend at an Atlanta radio station told him there was an opening for a talk show host on the weekends. Malloy gave it a try and found a home.

Malloy is a traditional Democrat working to return the Democratic Party to its historic liberal roots.


(I think we need to keep pushing information to the surface. Just because we are familiar with Mike Malloy doesn't mean that someone exploring this site has ever heard of him.)

To cure the impotence...

...this is the much needed Viagra to get the liberal anti-war camp on the 9/11 Truth bandwagon. It's remarkable how many staunch left-wing colleagues of mine refuse to even look at the evidence of 9/11 truth since neither Obama or Hillary have made a position on this. (ahem...complicity, perhaps? CFR muzzles?) Even when I mention Kucinich's intertest in pursuing 9/11 truth, there tends to be the same knee-jerk reaction that it's all conspiracy nonsense that is "undermining the anti-war effort."

It must be emphasized, repeated, and echoed all over that if there is anything to truly unite the left and the right, the conservatives and the liberals, the fedaralists and the libertarians --- it's getting to the truth of 9/11. The criminals in our government will then be brought to justice and they will be held guilty for their own actions and not judged based on their membership to any particular political party.


PS - Whatever happened to DRG's potential Nobel Peace Prize nomination? Anyone?

If you look at

the original 911blogger post on DRG's potential nomination, you will see that he emailed me and clarified that it was only a possibility, not a done deal.

This is a breakthru!

Great post, GW-- and hats off to Richard Greene and Air America! We needed a breakthru in progressive media outlets, and it looks like we are now getting it.

I am delighted to see that both Lorie Van Auken and Janice Matthews are appearing together because this is another important development. I would like to see the Jersey Girls and 9/11 Truth working together more closely.

Also, the People's Email Network (P.E.N) along with www.democracts.com is another leading progressive edge for our movement. Please click the action page above to demand a new investigation.


Interesting that when asked

Interesting that when first asked what is her biggest question regarding 9/11, Lorie said " WTC7," and then went on to elaborate. It sure didn't sound as though she subscribes to the "fire" theory. So I guess supporting the family members and supporting the "theory" of CD are not mutually exclusive, and that if WTC7 is her leading issue, it's okay for us to do so as well.

Great interview, Lorie! Thanks Richard and Air America for growing a pair!