Dr. David Ray Griffin in Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday night was Dr. Griffin's presentation of "9/11, Evidence, and Faith" presented by Columbus911Truth.org and TruthOhio.org. He spoke to a crowd of about 200 people (that's a lot for Columbus) at First Congregational Church and received a standing ovation before moving on to a Q&A session. We had people come from all over the state, including organizers from Dayton 9/11 Truth, We Are Change Cleveland, and Cincinnati 9/11 Truth.

Many, many thanks go out to everyone who helped organize the event, as well as all those who attended. And another big thanks to those who donated so generously --- your support will allow us to produce more events like this in the future which will continue to educate our community!

Thanks to Evan Davis, you can download the entire speech (71 min.) as an mp3. If you download the mp3, please consider making a small donation to Radio4All to cover the bandwidth costs incurred (it's a 32MB file) --- they are a valuable resource and are entirely supported by contributions.

Video coming soon! There were a couple people taping the event, we'll post the links as soon as we get them.

Did you attend the event? Please comment on this post and let us know what you thought!

Click here to view more photos.

Click here to download an mp3 of the entire speech.

Am I the Only One Getting a 5:58 Speech?

I tried downloading both the MP3 and the PLS files and both play about the first six minutes of Griffen's speech.


...Same here. Instead of 32+MB I am getting 2.7M.

Just got word that the file is fixed...

...you should be able to download the full version now!


Sorry guys, not sure what happened, I went to the link and it's doing the same for me... I've emailed Evan to see what's up 'cause that's out of my control... hopefully it'll be fixed soon!

- laura

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In case you haven't use it

In case you haven't use it yet.
But RapidShare is a great free site to host big files.

The opposite, unfortunately

Rapidshare and its ilk are horrible in my experience. They put a low cap on bandwidth and apparently use geolocation to block downloads. The error message I get is usually something like "The bandwidth allocated for users from your country has been exceeded - try again later" (quoting from memory, but that's the gist). In short, I have NEVER managed to download a single file from there - not once.

Let's hope radio4all can fix the file - it looks like a broken upload.

Show "David Ray Griffin is a CoIntelPro Disinformation Agent" by doughnut

Griffin does a fine job but

Griffin does a fine job but does not go all the way in his research.
Objective research points not to the Bush administration but zionist elements in the Bush administration and in Israel. (Dancing Israeli's arrested celebrating after towers had collapsed, later confirming on Israeli TV that they were there to "document the event", The odigo instant messages sent to Israeli in Israel, warning of the attack hours in advance, Silverstein's connection to Israel, US homeland security boss Chertoff being a dual US/Israel citizen, etc...)

You're kidding?

If Griffin, Jones and Ryan are disinfo, then you can just throw in your hat -- we are done! What else is there left for the Truth Movement if even such prominent people are "in on it"?

I think it's a pretty schitzophrenic thought.

Doughnut says:

"Realistically, the levels of true disinformation are probably extraordinarily low in this movement. As are the number of "disinformation agents". In fact, I would feel very comfortable betting a large amount of money that there are zero."

David Ray Griffin is a CoIntelPro Disinformation Agent
I just wanted to be the first one to say it so when everyone else starts saying it, which could be any time now, based on our history, I can say, "Oh, I was the first one to say that back when." Ditto for Steven Jones... How about Kevin Ryan?

"Someone needs to come up with an anti-paranoia pill. And soon!"

For the record I know that there are people who are deliberately attacking people in this movement because I know that people were asked to join them. This information was given to me by a credible source. I also know that there are people who are getting threats of violence (plural). So for you to make fun of this situation as if it doesn't or can't happen is really... to each his own. So much for the paranoia pills. It's happening.

Boy! You'll believe just about anything, won't you?

I've got a few buildings in Manhattan that I can sell you — real cheap.

Try to not take all of this personally. And learn to laugh. You'll live longer.

And try watching some popular comedy news shows that use humor to make a point.

Eventually, all of this won't seem so mysterious and incomprehensible to you.

Good luck with that.

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