Verisimilitude: 1 : having the appearance of truth : PROBABLE
2 : depicting realism (as in art or literature)

Here is my breakdown of what I hoped to do with this collection of films...

I put this together in hopes of waking more people up. My idea was to shock people with something less controversial like the corruption of a politician, Rudy Giuliani. This will hopefully hit people fairly hard with shocking facts about this "9/11 Hero" that they have never heard. This will open them up a little bit and while they are a bit dazed and on the back step we go straight to FDNY testimony of explosions, just with the quotes on a black background, a very soft sell. Then I change the pace and hit them hard with the live broadcast testimony. Now they are really knocked off their senses....I bring them back with the very calm and simple rational explanation and logical breakdown of how a normal investigation would include the hypothesis of possible explosions inside the building. This then blends into the statistics of FDNY testimony which is again subtle but very shocking. The end is another attempt to shock people into the reality of where we are as Americans and then the last bit is hopefully inspirational so people will do something. Tell me what you think!

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Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend:
"What the FDNY were saying" -song:
Snowshoe Films & Graeme MacQueen
Explosive Testimony, Snowshoe films:
Confrontation Clips:
9/11/07 footage:
Dr. Ron Paul: