9-11 Truth the After-Shock.

Though in her short film "The Shock Doctrine" Naomi Klien shows 9-11 as a shock and therefore an "opportunity" (as Bush called it at 11AM on Sept 11th 2001) for the PNAC manifesto to be realised. There is however a second shock associated with 9-11 a delayed shock or an after shock.
The shock of Truth.


As the whole planet experienced the initial shock on 9-11
The myths were told by the News Management teams creating Zelikows' "reality" dreamt up in his schizophrenic "parallel universe":


"They hate our freedoms" "It's a clash of civilisations" "it's blow-back for our foreign policy" "19 men and a dead man's box(cutter)".
and, through these myths, we thought we understood the event in the context of our own world view,

The second shock occurs when the truth about 9-11 is presented. The Empirical Scientific proof that energy is being added to the near free-fall collapses and the best fit hypothesis of controlled demolition, the sulphidisation in the inter-granular structure of steel from WTC 7 showing temperatures too high for hydrocarbon fires, the analysis of the dust, all the circumstantial evidence, and eye witness evidence, the flawed OCT and lots more, form a compelling body of evidence that is enough, in the tribunal of public opinion or in the minds of honest individuals to find the claim that 9-11 was an inside job to be a true statement of the facts.

This is the second shock, the shock of the truth, the planet is run by criminal gangsters who care nothing for life and serve only greed and the hierarchy of power. To some this shock confirms their previously held suspicions about deep politics, the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and corresponds well with what was known about methods for coups and regime change, carried out by the western powers in their litany of war and destruction throughout the world - 20-30 million killed by the US in the "Post War" years so the shock of truth was more of a confirmation of a suspicion that the world is run by powerful psychopaths.

To those who thought more or less all was well in the world, this second shock is more shocking and threatening than the first. The first shock is easier to cope with because of the power of America, its ability to remotely execute without trial, using killer flying drones, the ability to fly a cruise missile into Slobodan Milosovich's apartment window or was it the Chinese embassy?. With guys like Guliani about all you need do is carry on consuming, let Dubiah and the 6th Fleet take care of it, you might have to suspend the constitution and be inconvenienced at the airport, but hey so long as I get my bud or miller or WTF......

Slowly more and more people are being exposed to this second shock of 9-11 truth. And with it comes a second opportunity for myths to be told, this time by political opportunists, cultists and vengeance seeking racists who seize this second shock opportunity to tell you all kinds of stuff about who runs the planet - to sum them "It's Skull'n'Bones Nazi, Zionist, Lizard, Illuminati Mason, Jesuits with extra terrestrial weapons goin' to bring about the END TIMES" I think that covers most of it oh I forgot Inter-dimensional planetary geology. (26 Dimensions at the last count) and it's all coming down in 2012.

This is quite deliberate, these opportunists understand "the shock doctrine". So once they give you the truth shock and you're in the state of "everything you know is wrong" these shockertunists are ready to reprogram you, LaRouche Youth Movement style. It's all there in the CIA interrogation manual.

Political opportunists generally are of the Left Wing Authoritarian personality type, in that they desire power and see 9-11 as their opportunity to grab power in a populist uprising, nothing very much will change after power has been grabbed except maybe the borders will close and everyone will have a gun, possibly the UN will no longer exist and of course there will be a new power elite controlling things "meet the new boss, just like the old boss".