Explosion/Squib seen in newly available 9/11 video prior to either tower collapse!!??

Please take a look at 13:55 - 14:01 in the following clip:

There appears to be an explosion or squib ejection that is way below where the first plane impacted!! It is also prior to either tower collapse!

How can this be explained as "air ejecting" from the building? This looks very similar to the squibs scene during the "collapse" itself. Thoughts?

wow. i dont know what else

wow. i dont know what else it could possibly be but explosives going off early. how long has this video been out?

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The little poof I saw was on the other side of building

and really could have been anything like just the wind whipping the smoke around.
Crying shame the guy with the camera didn't stay put at his house where he had a perfect unobstructed view, he "could" have had some very good footage if he did.

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kind of far down for it to

kind of far down for it to be just wind isnt it? my vision is far from perfect though so maybe you're right. it seems too powerful to just be wind to me though.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Little poof? This is a big

Little poof? This is a big building to start with and the velocity of the smoke is far to great for wind whipping around some smoke. Look at it!

THIS gets front page attention at 911blogger ??!!

This is insufficient proof of any explosion, all you see is an already present plume of smoke which could have easily come from the other Tower's fire. What I wanna know is how come THIS gets all this attention on this website, but Xenomorph911's detonator cord video clips (which CLEARLY show detonations firing off in both Twin Towers) is ignored or brushed aside by so many figureheads in this movement??
Anyway, check out Xenomorph911 on youtube. 'nuff said.


Sad, I totally missed the detonator chords video. WIll check it out.

update: went and looked at his videos and all I see are TV Fakery, KillTown, WebFairy references. No video that I can see showing detonator cords.

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Really, show me evidence

Really, show me evidence where I promote these people. Originally yes, I started off in disinformation, but do any of you reading this see me promoting it at all anymore. You are a liar. And the people who voted your comment up twice are as well. I despise these tv-fakery people. Ask someone like 911veritas who's viewed my profile for several months. He'll tell you I never promoted anything of the sort. View my youtube channel for yourself everyone, find me promoting tv-fakery bullshit, anywhere?!!! Good luck, I don't. I'm outraged everytime i hear this crap. You're a fake truther and you can stick your comments up your ass!!! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Xenomorph911

Show some evidence jpass !!!

I've known xenomorph911 for quite some time now and have NEVER seen him even slightly promote TV fakery crap !!!

You need to PUT-UP because that is a serious allegation.

tick-tock !!!


To xenomorph911, don't worry dude, you do a great job, I can only speak for myself but I appreciate your videos BIGTIME...

Best wishes to ya dude...

Thanks man, I seem to be

Thanks man, I seem to be accused of false information a lot, even when I provide all the source video information to everything. I never believed the videos were fake, even when I did actually think Killtown's site was a good one. That was like a year ago. I've learned much since and I'll plainly tell you it is not a good site now for information. I do however, now, become very outraged sometimes by comments like jpass's. There is no basis for it.

Sorry for my rant everyone, I really go off sometimes. Thanks everyone for your support. Best wishes all!

Yea, this needs to be taken

Yea, this needs to be taken off the front page asap.

Well, thanks. But I admit I

Well, thanks. I admit I could be wrong about some things of course. In any case I see a lot of wierd anomalies in all the video footage. I appreciate the support and website links, though I'm somewhat intimidated by it..

Quite convincing!There

Quite convincing!
There seems to be another one, at 13:50 it pans into the frame of view from below but due to the camera aiming just too late you can only see the squib after being ejected, then the camera zooms out and the picture gets overexposed in the squib area.
Maybe there are more?
But the one mentioned is great additional evidence.

There are two other clouds

There are two other clouds (just before the 13:55 mark as the camera pans down) of the same colour and it appears the same distance as the one we can see being created. That suggests that the puff we see coming out might have been part of a series, with the other two clouds happening just before.

Edit: The above is wrong, the second cloud is the “third cloud”. There is no squib, just a refocusing of the camera which makes it look like the dark cloud was expanding. Un-Popular Mechanics would love this.

Perhaps someone could trim

Perhaps someone could trim the video to the relevant part? Seems a bit wasteful of bandwidth to force everyone to download 15 minutes worth.

And maybe some screencaps.



Optical illusion!

This is an optical illusion, it's not material expanding it's the refocusing of the camera shot after being over exposed;

I Agree.

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It _could_ be an optical illusion

It's difficult to tell what it is, and where it comes from, because of the over-exposure, over-saturation, wash-out and refocusing from the camera.

It did seem that his attention was brought over there, for some reason, though.

I believe that those are not true clouds, however, since it was a very clear, cloudless sky, for the most part.

It is smoke from the fires. (which I understand might be what you meant, as in "clouds of smoke")

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Here is the photographer,

Here is the photographer, Peter Strid's youtube channel, he uploaded the video November of 2006. http://www.youtube.com/peterstrid I would have to say personally the footage is not clear enough to discern the source. Looks to me more like smoke from the south tower. Too bad we can't see the original footage. Unless someone contacts this guy.

2 Streams Of Dark Colored Air

The tail end of one burst is barely visible at 13:51 followed by the 2nd main burst around 13:55 a number of floors higher.

They seem to be at the corner of the the floors where they are seen. Not sure how essential this location is to demolishing the tower or how possible it would be to install explosive devices in such open and visible office space.

Then again, these could have been vacant floors.

But they certainly seemed like bursts of some kind.

I'm not sure what to make of

I'm not sure what to make of it. It could very well be a squib. On the other hand, it could just be the lens of the camera picking up a shadow in the smoke as it refocused after the cameraman zoomed in. Not sure.

I have a sneaking suspicion

that what we are seeing here are tricks of light, smoke, and video over-exposure.
These dark areas of smoke that seem to appear here and there as "squibs" may likely be areas of dark smoke that have wrapped around the top of the building and have travelled some distance away from the viewer - parallax giving the impression that they are vertically equivalent to th portion of the building being filmed at that moment. Also you'll note that these "squibs" tend to only appear when the cammera moves and refocuses, when those areas in frame come into focus and out of over-exposure.

I cant say for sure but this seems like its a product of video rather than actual squibs. Just my opinion however.

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your skepticism is deserved

watch the smoke to the left of the "squib" as it "explodes" out of the building. The smoke becomes visible at exactly the same rate over exactly the same time frame as our so called squib. You're not seeing something explode out of a building, you're watching the guy's camera adjust to the brightness shift as he pans left. I really miss the days when academics visited this site...

Yep, I see what you mean.

Yep, I see what you mean. The blue sky comes into focus just as the cloud does, I didn’t notice that at first.

Hmm... Try watching the

"you're watching the guy's camera adjust to the brightness shift as he pans left.."

Hmm... Try watching the 13:58 mark again.. You can even hear the explosion if you turn up the volume on the clip! It ejects outward from the building right as you hear the explosion.

Zooming in does not cause clear as day horizontal ejections with explosion sounds. (13:58 mark)

Hmm, that's garbage because

Hmm, that's garbage because the puff was already there!! You can see it along with a larger dark cloud above it, just before the 13.55 mark.