NEW PHOTOS, can't miss these.

I recently received this (6 MB) Power Point slide show of 9.11 photos. They are apparently from an Italian or Spanish news helicopter. I saw some pictures in here that I had never seen, and would note the following:

WTC 7, from many different aerial angles, looking remarkably pristine for a building that "collapsed due to raging fires".

WTC 6, with the huge steel beam that was ejected into it, from angles I had never seen before.

WTC 1 & 2 structural steel, being loaded onto semi-trailers. Horseshoe shaped steel everywhere, and twisted and melted spandrel plates. Just a hydro-carbon fire here folks, nothing to see. Move along. Right.

And, "bands" of sooty damage, on the North Tower, just below the airplane impact site. This ties in neatly with the recently discovered footage of the dynamic explosive event at the North Tower that happened as the South Tower was struck by aircraft.

Would also appreciate any additional discoveries or observations any of you might have.