ae911Truth at the Petaluma Progressive Festival

Images from the event:

Today, Sunday, Sept 30, a well attended Petaluma Progressive Festival featured two 911 truth booths, one was hosted by John Parulis of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth the other by noted 911 filmmaker Ken Jenkins. Dozens of people stopped by to talk about ae911truth and architect Richard Gage's organizing effort. A large piece of steel that we cut through with thermite at Burning Man was also on display along with samples of solidified iron residue from the thermite reaction. Dr. Steven Jones is now analyzing some of these Burning Man samples to compare them to WTC samples.
Local TV Station channel 26 in Marin County took our latest DVD to broadcast on Marin Cable TV.
A mini documentary of our themite demonstration at Burning Man is in the works.
See for more media and 911 technical info.

There were three 911 truth booths

Matt, from Napa, also hosted a table, where he and I had many interesting conversations with attendees and distributed about 25 dvds. Too windy for our sign, we had to rely on my "911 was an inside job" tee shirt as a draw. That and my big mouth. I was mostly giving away or getting a buck contribution for my compilation, "911: The Proof Is In Your Hands!"

Fred W


Great that you were there. I found much support. Forgot to mention that the influential Bonnie Faulkner from Guns and Butter was also there with her cornucopia of cds. Thanks Bonnie!

Did you dispense many copies

Did you dispense many copies of the Richard Gage in Manitoba DVD? I notice a great deal of interest in his talks. People either heard him at Sonoma State or in Oakland or want to hear him.

How did the "demolition" at Burning Man go? Did many people there get to appreciate it, or was there too much else going on? I was hoping the San Francisco Chronicle would report on it, but I don't think they did. I like that Dr. Jones is going to incorporate it into his sample base, and am looking forward to the film of the event -- my idea of what Burning Man is like is still kind of hazy.

Fred W

there's more

more at

working on a short doc now
Many people did come by to talk and about a dozen got the DVD.