Guiliani visits Portland, gets 9/11 truth on local TV news

Rudy Guiliani made a surprise visit to Portland, Oregon. Word got out to the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, who demonstrated outside the restaurant where Guiliani was. Local TV news caught the action.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ducked into Portland Saturday for a private fundraiser at a supporter's home, then headed to a New York-style delicatessen to mingle with voters, where he was met by dozens of anti-war protesters equating him with the Bush administration.

Portland is traditionally Democratic country, as evidenced by the jeers that greeted Giuliani. But those inside the restaurant left their pastrami-on-pumpernickel sandwiches and lined up to have their pictures taken with the candidate, who offered praise for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and jabbed at Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during his brief visit.

"Newt is a good friend of mine, one of the real geniuses of American politics," Giuliani said of Gingrich, who announced Saturday that he won't join the Republican race for the presidential nomination. "Had he run, he would have been a formidable candidate."

And Giuliani criticized the proposal floated this week by Clinton to give every child born in the United States a $5,000 "baby bond" from the government to help pay for future costs of college or buying a home, saying it showed "a desire to say anything people want to hear ... and the pent-up Democratic desire to spend money, to spend the federal government into oblivion."

Giuliani is the latest in a string of high-profile presidential candidates to touch down in Oregon, a state that's more accustomed to being passed over during primary season, especially since its primary isn't scheduled until May, when nominees from both parties will likely already be decided. On West Coast swings, candidates usually head to wealthier enclaves in the Seattle suburbs, or California.

But Giuliani's visit, and recent stops in the state by Democrats Barack Obama and John Edwards, suggest that Oregon retains its status as a swing state, despite the Democratic tide that washed over the state in the 2006 elections.

"Why bother with Oregon, otherwise?" said Republican pollster Bob Moore. "They are not going to raise enough money to make it worth their stop. Why come to Oregon if you don't think it is a possible win?"

The state has sided with the Democrats in the last five presidential elections. But those elections have always been close calls, Moore said, with no Democrat ever winning with more than 52 percent of the vote. Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith is a Republican who has managed two statewide wins, and the Democrats hold a very slim majority in the state House of Representatives, just 31-29.

And the pool of nonaffiliated voters in the state has been growing, leaving plenty of votes up for grabs by either party.

Polls show that the state's voters remain closely divided, particularly if Clinton, currently the front-runner in national polls and one of the only leading candidates who has yet to visit Oregon this season, wins the Democratic nomination.

In a poll of 537 registered voters released this week by national polling firm Survey USA, Giuliani and Clinton were virtually tied in Oregon, with 46 percent of respondents saying they would vote for Clinton, and 44 siding with Giuliani. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3 percent. Clinton holds significantly larger leads in Oregon in matchups with the other Republican candidates, garnering 49 percent of the voters polled to Thompson's 42 percent, and 51 percent to Romney's 38 percent.

"I certainly think he puts swing states in play, including Oregon," said U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., who accompanied Giuliani on his visit to Rose's Deli in Portland, but would not say that he is formally endorsing the mayor.

Democratic activists remain confident that the state will stay in their column. But even some of them privately concede that if Clinton is the nominee, more money will have to be diverted to get-out-the-vote efforts within Oregon.

The Survey USA results also suggest that Giuliani could resonate with the state's nonaffiliated voters. He does better with independent voters in Oregon than either Clinton or Edwards, and trails Obama by just three percent among that voting group, within the margin of error.

Sivia Kaye, who said she was registered as an non-affiliated voter, said she was a Giuliani fan, especially as a former New Yorker.

"I thought he shepherded the city beautifully through a tragic time," she said after the mayor kissed her hand in greeting at Rose's. "I do not think he is exploiting 9-11. He has to mention where he was on that eventful day."

After Oregon, Giuliani headed to Seattle for a final event. He began the day speaking to Republican women in Palm Springs, Calif.

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LOL at Ghouliani sneaking out the back door...

Democratic Group Accuses Rudy Of Money-Laundering in CA

Democratic group accuses Giuliani of money laundering
BY STEVEN HARMON, MediaNews Sacramento Bureau
Article Last Updated: 10/01/2007 10:45:41 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO - A Democratic group filed formal complaints Monday with the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Justice Department, accusing GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani of money laundering and violating campaign laws.

In the complaint, Californians for Fair Election Reform accuse Giuliani, through his friend Paul Singer, of establishing a "front" organization to solicit illegal donations to support a ballot measure that would overturn California's winner-take-all system of allocating electoral votes.

Such a change would provide the Republican presidential nominee a chance to pick up roughly 20 electoral votes by dividing them up by congressional districts.

Singer, a hedge-fund billionaire and a policy adviser and regional finance director for Giuliani, revealed last week that he was the sole contributor to the committee, Take Initiative America, which donated $175,000 to the ballot measure.

Singer's disclosure that he'd contributed to the group came a day after top campaign officials for the GOP-backed electoral initiative resigned in protest after the lawyer in charge of Take Initiative America refused to divulge the donors.

Although the initiative effort appears dead in part because funding never materialized beyond Singer's contribution - the alleged violations are serious, said Chris Lehane, spokesman for the Democratic group.

"We want to get to the bottom of this," he said at a San Francisco press conference.

Singer's contribution, said James Harrison, the attorney who filed the complaint, raises questions about potential money laundering, illegal coordination between a candidate and an independent committee, and whether federal contribution limits were exceeded.

"As an agent of Giuliani's, Singer would be prohibited from soliciting or directing a contribution in excess of $2,300," said Harrison, who works with San Leandro-based Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, a firm specializing in election law. "We'd like the FEC to determine what Giuliani knew, when he knew it, what conversations he and Singer had about the contribution and how TIA was created. Whose idea was it? How did it come about?"

A spokesman for Giuliani denied any coordination with the initiative effort - the Campaign for Equal Representation - or the Take Initiative America committee.

"This is completely independent from our campaign," said Jarrod Agen, "and frankly it's not an initiative that serves our campaign's best interests."

Democrats also accused the Giuliani campaign of trying to conceal Singer's identity.

Under California law, the Campaign for Equal Representation was required to disclose its true source of funding. It identified Take Initiative America, which was created Sept. 11, but Hurth, the lawyer behind the committee, refused to disclose where the $175,000 came from.

"We know that Singer intended his money to be used for the effort in California," Harrison said, "so, clearly, TIA was nothing more than a pass-through.

"In California, that's considered money laundering."

Lehane said he's convinced Giuliani's campaign was behind the effort. He noted that Charles Bell, a partner with Hiltachk's firm, gave $1,300 to Giuliani's campaign days before the initiative was filed; Hurth had given $2,000 to Giuliani; his spokesman, Jonathan Wilcox, was a spokesman for former California GOP candidate Bill Simon; Simon himself is a co-chairman for Giuliani's California campaign and a policy adviser.

"When you went through all these folks, virtually every road ultimately led back to Giuliani," Lehane said. "The one conclusion that one could safely draw is that it was the Giuliani campaign that was ultimately behind this."

Giuliani, in a statement last week, said he would have had no reason to be behind the initiative.

"As far as I'm concerned, you can leave it the way it is," he said. "In fact, in some ways you might consider, I think that this is a state I can win. That might actually favor some of the other Republican candidates who might have a more difficult time winning this state. I think this is a state that I've got a 50-50 chance of winning. So as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't mind leaving it that way."

Indymedia coverage, too...

An excellent showing to greet coward Julianni!! 29.Sep.2007 16:42
Styve link

He didn't arrive until about 2:15p, but by that time there were about 20 protesters and many interested passersby, with signs and doing chants, to greet him. There were Ron Paul people, 911 Truth people, and Impeachment people. The police were all over the place, and only 10 minutes before forcibly escorted a patron out of the restaurant because he had a jacket that read on its back, "Explosives brought down the World Trade Center," or something like that. People were pretty raucous and the cops were cool, outside. We were even working the traffic for honks and there were many loud whistles and hoots and hollers, as well. There were many media types, filming but not interviewing, apparently. Should be some interesting news this eve.

He was inside for only about a half hour, and he snuck out the back door...earning him the fitting nickname, "Backdoor Rudy". Across 23rd Ave., it looked like a couple of dozen people were assembled to watch the goings on. A recurring chant was "Giulianni...Worse than Bush!"

Sorry for the incomplete reporting, but hopefully someone will add other information. Hopefully some of the participants who were shooting some video will share that with IM.


We were on lookout for Rudy in drag... 30.Sep.2007 12:09
Styve link

Before Rudy arrived at Rose's yesterday, the thought hit me that he might try to elude the awaiting throng by going incognito...ya he has been known to do, or like drag. We were on the lookout for this beauty...

She came in through the bathroom window

Good job Portland. You've got to be quick with this sneak. Last Thursday, he was in LA and his schedule was shrouded in secrecy. I got word that Pete Wilson was going to endorse him in Santa Monica, and I finally found an article naming the hotel, just in time to get down there. He got a good look at my large sign as his entourage was leaving. I also got a kick out of the CNN satellite truck driver who gave me a big smile and a thumbs up.

Then, on Friday, when I got home from the tent city at the LA Fed Bldg, I read the google news alert that he had been just blocks away from me at former Mayor Richard Riordan's restaurant, The Pantry, where Ghouliani received his endorsement. The story was written after the appearance. No heads up on that one, but I was kicking myself anyway. In my mind, I was kicking Riordan's butt too.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Robert Greenwald outs Rudy looks like there is a bit of 9/11 Truth here and blogging

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

We're hoping to get Greenwald some vid of Backdoor Rudy !!

The site looks like it needs lots of recent footage.

His name is...

Sorry if it seems petty to some, but as Giuliani is a person of interest where 911 truth is concerned, isn't it time truthers learn to spell his name correctly already?!! 'Guiliani' would be pronounced 'gwee-lee-ah-nee,' as 'Guido' is pronounced 'gwee-doh'. In italian, the 'i' between a 'g' and a second vowel makes the 'g' soft--hence 'Giuliani' (the correct spelling) is pronounced 'joo-lee-ah-nee'.

I see a more recent post further up the home page has the same misspelling. (Sigh.)

Maybe I should give up and just start inverting the letters in everyone's name who comes up for discussion:


and so on....


The spelling error was noticed too late. It was also in the blogger keywords. Computers don't know any better, but I should have.

Have you nothing better to contribute to the thread?

Who the fuck cares what we call the scumbag, and I am sorry my using two n's flipped your fragile wig, but get with it, dude!!! He is a liar and he was complicit in the cover-up, if not the execution of the events of 9-11, so...can the tactic, and start thinking for yourself!


Yeah--a liar, complicit

So why is it asking so much that we finally learn how to spell his freakin' name?! And there's no need to take it personally--this is an error that I see all over the place, and so I thought it should finally be pointed out.

What 'tactic'? And who said anything about two n's? And how is any of what I wrote evidence of not thinking for myself?

Yo, dude, sloppiness is, like, soooooooo radical!!

not taking it personally; the tactic is diversion

It is "not thinking for yourself", if you need to jump in to a thread and start commenting on other posters' misspellings, or the other sort of minutia that people focus on to derail threads.

You've a good point, mate...

Though to be fair, Rudy's surname isn't too common. Mind, he is..."common" that is. ;-)

We all have our pet peeves--mine's people rabbiting on about "Marshall Law"--cringe. And if you don't know what's wrong with worrying about "Marshall Law", I can't help you. ;-P

Seems like this was a good action and all. Good to confront this wanker. Just hope this lot stayed on topic--rumor is this Portland 911group has been infiltrated with no-planers and mini-nuke rubbish. *roll eyes*
Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Don't worry CJS...just sit at your keyboard...

...and we'll do the activism.

What are you on about?

I wasn't even talking to you. But if you're going to say something, "mate"--spit it out. Leave the passive agressive shite for people like Brainless--ahem, sorry, "Brainster".
Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Drop the fake British routine, please!

No need to criticize Portland activists or offer your 2 cents, when all you do is blog about the friction in the 911Truth Movement, Tarpley, old email and indymedia shit, the KW, etc....we can handle it without your idle advice.

"Seems like this was a good action and all. "

I wrote that you dumb slag--but by all means attack someone who gave you a complement, even if I don't agree with the rumored"no-planes" invasion.

Point of order--like I told the Screw Losers--I AM Brit and Yank--born State-side, I'll be the first to admit. That okay with you? Should I go back in time and make sure my relatives never immigrated to the States just to make you happy? Or do you just want me to never use any Brit slang again? Mind, half of it bounced back and forth across the pond for decades:

Surprise quiz for eegits:

"Tripe"= Brit or Yank?
What about "skedaddle"? "Graft"?

That aside, I'm not about to unravel my mix of Yank and Brit slang on your say so--prat.
Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

No planers? Sweet.

That means that group understands that massive steel girders and floor slabs on the WTC are stronger than a 767's wings and tail section and have 20/20 vision to tell the videos are fake.


"Killtown" endorses the "Portland 911 Truth Alliance"!

You heard it first here, at 911Blogger. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Why wouldn't I "endorse" a 9/11 group

that understands basic physics and has good vision to spot obvious fake videos?


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