British Drilled Airliners Crashing Into Buildings in 1968

British Drilled Airliners Crashing Into Buildings in 1968

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Monday October 01, 2007

Film about "political" events in London, 1968.

America's Largest Terror

America's Largest Terror Drill Set to Begin
Fictional 'Dirty Bombs' to Go Off in Phoenix, Oregon and Guam

Yet even as this drill begins, details from the previous national exercise held in 2005 have yet to be publicly released - information that is supposed to help officials prepare for the next real attack.

Wednesday House lawmakers were expected to demand answers, including why the "after-action" report from 2005 hasn't been made public. Congress has required the exercise since 2000, but has done little in the way of oversight beyond attending the actual events.

Next week will be the fourth Top Officials exercise - dubbed TOPOFF. The program costs about $25 million a year and involves the federal government's highest officials, such as top people from the Defense and Homeland Security departments.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA