Elevator malfunction in one of the towers

Don Dahler: "I do know that one of the towers had a major elevator that went all the way to the top that was malfunctioning and has been malfunctioning for at least a month. They were having a lot of trouble with that"

Don Dahler, elevator malfunction, ABC 9/11 11:47

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what do you think is the significance of this info?


Malfunctioning or Being Used for Something Diabolical?

Malfunctioning or Being Used for Something Diabolical?

The signifigance?

Just another avenue to freely place explosives throughout the core of the structure.

Just another reason to have people "doing maintenance" in the weeks prior to the event.

Just another reason to question and a freeway to speculation about how the rigging of the structures was accomplished
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... bull's eye, jjjames

Those were my thoughts also.

Video-makers ignorant of WTC7's collapse

I just noticed an important detail in this video; filmed at WTC one month before the attacks.
At the end of the video it shows the "new skyline on September 11" with the two towers digitally removed, but WTC7 still standing!

So let's all go comment on that. Clearly whoever put this video on is unaware of WTC7's "collapse" that day.

video at YouTube called : "World Trade Center: One Month Before 9/11"

Very interesting

All the elevator mechanics (about 80) ran off after the second plane hit, leaving lots of people trapped in the elevators - USA Today did a big piece on it.

The elevator maintenance company was called ACE Elevator and got the contract off Otis in the mid-1990s, taking over its maintenance personnel. AFAIK it is now bankrupt, but was a significant donor to the Conservative Party of New York.

From Gordon

From Gordon Ross:


"It seems that strength was not a saviour during the collapse but as a general rule of thumb, the proximity of an elevator shaft was a key factor. The core columns which were situated adjacent to and accessible from the elevator shafts were destroyed in the early stages of collapse, whereas those which were remote from elevator shafts survived."

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Spot-on Michael Fury...

You can see his short (25min) and excellent presentation mentioned at the bottom of that blog on Google video...

I highly recommend anyone who's interested in the mechanics of the towers demolition watch this.

Link : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4801566025292753615


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Finding "they"

It occurs to me that an elevator is a "moving system", as in Urban Moving Systems.

Are there any witnesses that can place the UMS vans at the towers?

Great video on "Urban Moving Systems"...

the company that the five dancing israelis worked for...

They even have footage of their offices and the cops involved.

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRfhUezbKLw


It would be good to find out who was working on the "faulty elevator(s)"

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I emailed William Rodgriguez to see if he can confirm this elevator issue. (Someone can ask him in person).

We should "reach out" to WTC survivors, and ask them about the elevator being out for a month, and any "repairs" they may have witnessed.

I also would like to know if Urban Moving Systems can be linked to the WTC complex.