My Letter to Steve Nass: Don't Let U.W.-Madison Diss William Rodriguez!

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Wed., October 3rd, 2007

Dear Steve Nass,

I know that you and I have had our little differences in the past. But now, I think I have finally found an issue that can unite us.

You have made a career of bashing the University of Wisconsin at every opportunity. Well, here is an opportunity!

The University is mistreating President Bush's own honored guest, America's biggest 9/11 hero, William Rodriguez!

Rodriguez has been welcomed in presidential palaces in Venezuela and Malaysia as well as the USA, where he was honored five times at the White House for personally saving 15 people and indirectly saving hundreds more on 9/11. But the University of Wisconsin-Madison administration is not exactly rolling out the red carpet for William Rodriguez.

U.W.-Madison Students for 9/11 Truth requested a room assignment for Rodriguez's Friday U.W. talk weeks ago. But as of Wednesday morning, less than 60 hours before the event, they are still waiting.

"They have to prioritize," explained a representative of the U.W. Central Reservations Office. "It goes through a different office than ours. They have to prioritize academic versus non-academic and so on."

A likely story! Steve, I am convinced that those crazy liberals at the University of Wisconsin are discriminating against William Rodriguez because he is a regular White House guest of President Bush!

I urge you to protest this disgusting liberal bigotry by issuing one of your customary press releases attacking the University. You should demand that the University give William Rodriguez the welcome due to 9/11's biggest hero and President Bush's frequent White House guest. Be sure to add that if they don't, you will cut their budget till it bleeds.

Your newfound ally in the noble Nassian crusade against the University of Wisconsin,

Kevin Barrett

William Rodriguez at U.W.-Madison
Friday, October 5th, 2007, 7 p.m.
Check Memorial Union TITU
or call (608) 265-3000 for location

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