New Eyewitness

This is a new video from We Are Change.

GW's comment: I haven't yet watched this, so I eagerly await your comments.

For GW and those without sound...

It's a guy who worked in the WTC (not sure which building) who was outside getting a hot dog.

He witnessed both planes hitting the towers, heard "boom-boom-boom" near the 1st floor BEFORE they hit.

Does not believe the "official story", says they're lying about it.

He was with firefighters (crying) who talked about bombs in the building.

His cousin got sick from the poisoned air.

That's about it.

Hope this helps

Thanks, 911Veritas.

New video with 9/11 witness testimony corroborates...

what this guy says about initial "boom boom boom"

About 20secs in

Thanks to Xenomorph911 for putting it together, excellent stuff !!!

Best wishes

me too

Thanks, I also cannot watch videos at my work. Simple descriptions of videos are helpful for us "access denied" network users.

For those without sound on Flash

I had a similar problem and fixed it by editing the registry.

Search the web for some useful tips on solving this. IT CAN BE SOLVED.

Pls refer to :

I think you have to ignore the ? marks when you edit the registry. Backup registry first.

512jones posted:

"Found this!! and it works!

I just reinstalled my system with XP SP2 and found that sound in Macromedia
Flash player (version 9) wasn?t working. I compared it to another machine and
found out that - for some obscure reason - the wavemapper mapping was missing.

I tried reinstalling other versions of the Flash player, but to no success ?
So I added the mapping myself via the registry.

Go to the following sweetspot in your registry:

My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows

Create a new String value named ?wavemapper?. As value give it ?msacm32.drv?.

And that?s it, no restart necessary, all your Flash embedded videos will have
sound again :)"

This was a very usefull hint for me because I had the entry in my registry
but the file itself was missing on my desktopPC
After copying it from my laptop to C:\Windows\system32 I had sound again as
well in flashplayer and in powerpoint.

Many thanks


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

regarding "those without sound"

regarding "those without sound"

I know it is a lot of work, but I actually think we should put English captions on all videos, not just for those without sound, but especially for the hearing impaired also because they especially search for captioned videos, which would give the videos more views.

Free captioning software here:

Right on Wearechange.

We need someone who worked on the pile to come forward. Please ask:
If they are aware of any molten metal at GZ.
If they were blocked from certain parts of the pile.
What else did they notice out of the "ordinary"?

more on the molten metal:
Notice that NIST _really_ does not want to talk about it. John Gross even had to pretend he didn't know about the AVIRIS data. Why? because 1300F+ _surface_ temps over large areas are totally unexplainable with a oxygen-poor carbon (office) fire.

Thank You! -Justin
Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Don't forget hero and WTC worker... Frank Silecchia

who took the famous picture (below is original and untouched image copied from HERE)

With the text... this is a picture of Tower #1 ..2 months later, molten steel


He would be great to interview and probably has the original picture too !!!


Best wishes

Mr. Silecchia is devoutly Christian.

Therefore, a minister, theologian, or someone else with impeccable Chrtistian credentials would be the best person to approach him.

Who do you suggest GW...

I'm sure as long as you don't have "666" on your forehead and treated him with respect, dignity and honesty that he would be ok...

unless you know something...

Thanks for the "Molten" resource.

Best wishes

Well, I'm sure anyone polite and respectful wouldn't

push him away. On the other hand, someone from this list might have better luck in getting him to open up:

Molten Metal evidence at 9/11 museum by WTC NOW !!

The new 9/11 museum on the south side of the WTC (next to the '10' firehouse) has a few examples of the molten metal and fused metal and concrete pieces on display RIGHT NOW !! New Yorker 9/11 truthers have to go to this museum and check it out (possibly document it too?)
This museum also has a huge, twisted beam with sulfidation clearly visible from the thermate.

Difficult to hear the words, with the drilling and traffic

I guess they didn't find any noisier environment for the interview. :-/

I heard

it just fine. He said explosions happened at the lower levels as the plane stuck. MISDIRECTION


Alex Jones claims there are a dozen more.

YES, the more the the better

There are close to 500 accounts in the "9/11 Oral Histories" I believe. Firefighters, police officers, first responders and other eyewitnesses. Some of which are very good! We need to get these in sworn depositions.

A documentary just of dozens upon dozens of these people could be very powerful! And ready for court.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jump on and chime in about 9/11. Their top topic is about the War on Terror being Propoganda. They need to be straightened on some facts. No moderation. Just sign up and jump in.

This is important material

We need to compile a database of EYEWITNESSES who saw explosions and other anomolies that defy the OFFICIAL 911 CONSPIRACY THEORY OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

SWORN EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY will be very useful in any future legal proceedings against the Bush Cabal that either carried out and or covered up this attack.

How about Lawyers and Eyewitnesses for 911 Truth just like Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth?

It's time to consolidate the legal aspects and to use the courts as well as influence public opinion.

It won't be easy, but all avenues of the CONSTITUTION should be used to bring truth and justice to the guilty.

Any Lawyers out there?

America and the World Waits.


Do it for the Constitution.

Do it for the Republic.

Remind the Supreme Court what the Highest Law in the Land Really Is.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

These interviews are powerful!

This interview of an eyewitness, which is clearly unrehearsed, adds power to the statements offered!

...I can believe him!

Here's a list:

This is a Good List

What we need need now is a Team of Patriotic Lawyers to pursue this matter till the end.



The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

Finding witnesses isn't difficult...

The real challenge is getting the public to listen to them.
Geeze ya know, WAC could have interviewed me at any time over the last year (but they won't), they know who I am. The above video is decent though if it get's more people interested.

Creating a central repository of eye witness accounts is a great idea. At least it would give the opportunity for people to get their stories publicly recorded.

P.S. please stop obsessing about Ron Paul, it's annoying

Show "I believe (I know) that the" by merged

Merged! You know some new shit..?

Just show us what you got. What is he lying about?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

look for yourself

All I ask you is to analize the videos that the mainstream media showed us LIVE
on 9/11/2001, and judge for yourself..

.....There were not arabs names in passenger lists, newspapers and MSN
with different names on the passenger lists., "terrorists" being ALIVE, didn't find
remains of "terrorists" .... Not finding ramains of the aircrafts 93 and 77
(so called evidence was planted).,etc.
flights 93 amd 175 landed at Hopkins Airport in Cleveland, Ohio.
Flights 11 and 77 where NOT scheduled to take off that day.