Architectural Scale Model of the WTC Complex

This is very cool. Created by an architect in Texas. I didn't want to "resource-theft" the images on his server to display here, so just go and look at them, you won't be sorry. Here's the explanatory text, though:

World Trade Center Model Display

Ronald F. Avery, Texas architect and interior designer, has now completed his model of the World Trade Center at a scale of 1 inch equals 30 feet. If you would like Ron to visit your group and bring his model for display which includes a photographic exhibit describing all the critical facts of 9/11/01, then email him at this link. (taphouse [@] Ron is able to discuss the fact that the five story hat truss system on top of both towers 1 and 2 made the severing of outer columns irrelevant as both jets hit in the upper third of the buildings. You need to hear about this structural system. He is now working on a structural model that demonstrates the fallacy of the 9/11/01 institution of a police state and WORLD domination by global bankers. Ron is also working on a model of the Pentagon showing how it is not possible that a 757 traveling at 530 mph could not break windows and window mullions as photos of the Pentagon show prior to the collapse of the exterior wall. Ron can also show a 2 hour DVD presentation on the findings of physicist and engineers regarding this cornerstone of global tyranny. (ostensibly AE911Truth's Richard Gage, AIA DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction

Very cool...

They even have a WTC7 scaled model...

Thanks for sharing, best wishes

I remember looking over

I remember looking over images of the pentagon site and the windows (exterior) were blast resistent plastic I believe. As in some cases they are melted.
The 9/11 Truth B-Team

scale arguments aside...

lets smash a model jet into it at full speed.

seriously tho... what would be an effective scale to reproduce the crashes and fire at? How much would it cost to build? I know that it's totally unnecessary (regardless of size, office fires never make buildings explode from top down at near free-fall)... but it would be good publicity.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

we need more video evidence

what about this,

The 15 accused hijackers were Saudis.. Saudi Arabia is so rich it could build an exact copy of a WTC building, fly a plane into it..pilot jumps out in a parachute or something.. and see what would happen.. they might just be cleared...

of course this will never happen..

So I propose we actively advertise in newspapers, trying to get people to come forward with their videos of the event.. There are definitely still some out there.. remember the What We Saw video released last year and the video with the Manhattan Demolition truck newly released.. we need all the evidence we can get.

Excellent modeling,

Excellent modeling, painstaking detail, and impressive. Thank you, Ronald F. Avery, for awe-inspiring tribute and memorial.

I think there should be

I think there should be replicas of the towers
built in Vegas as a casino / hotel. Then eventually,
after they've made billions for the investors, they
can be stripped to the structual components and
demolished....from the top down, and scientific
analysis can be performed and compared to the
collapse of the original buildings....

Good going, Ron!

You made the papers (again)!