Giuliani's 9/11 Albatross

Giuliani's 9/11 Albatross
9/11 protesters hounding Giuliani where ever he goes

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Oct 2, 2007

If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. That's the message 9/11 truth campaigners have been sending presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in recent weeks as they continue to turn out in droves to expose his exploitation of the terror attacks for his own political gain.

Giuliani has been confronted by 9/11 truth protesters at almost every public appearance he has made since he began officially campaigning for a White House run.

Giuliani has continued to callously use 9/11 and its victims as a campaign tool, throwing fundraisers at which participants are being urged to donate "$9.11 for Rudy". He even used 9/11 as justification for answering a call from his wife during a speech in front of the National Rifle Association last week.

It was telling that Giuliani stayed away from the limelight on the anniversary of 9/11, still he was unable to avoid confrontation by protesters that day. Giuliani's popularity has taken a huge nose dive as brave protesters, first responders and firefighters continue to confront the former mayor. The International Association of Firefighters has dubbed Giuliani an "Urban Legend".

Even some of his own former aides have now admitted they think he would make a "terrible president". In spite of this, and despite Ron Paul's rocketing success, the corporate media continues to label Giuliani as the favourite to take the Republican nomination.

9/11 truthers are continually making headlines after confronting Giuliani on his foreknowledge of the collapse of the twin towers. Giuliani keeps flip flopping on the issue, having stated on 9/11 that he was warned ahead of time of the imminent collapse.

Truthers have also been at pains to expose Giuliani's criminal culpability in the scandal that led to officials falsifying EPA reports and certifying the air safe to breathe in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. The fallout from this has seen hundreds of first responders die from breathing ailments and lung diseases and left hundreds more dying with no aid from a government which still refuses to admit it is liable.

Below is a complete archive of every confrontation with Giuliani that has been caught on camera thus far this year. Special mention should go to the Infowars reporters led by 9/11 truth movement warrior Luke Rudkowski, head of the group who have not only proven themselves trail blazers in confronting Giuliani but have also sought to work more closely with groups of first responders and also strengthened ties between several truth activist groups

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