9/11 Truth Event in Madrid, Spain

The newly legally-registered Asociación por la Verdad sobre el 11 de Septiembre (Association for the Truth about September 11) is holding a general talk and introduction to 9/11 in Madrid on October 19 at 7:30 PM at the Club de Amigos de la Unesco, in Plaza de Tirso de Molina.
In separate short talks, we will be discussing the cover-up, WTC 7 and the post-911 world. Q & A session to follow.
Our association is composed mostly of Spaniards, though yours truly does happen to be American.
I'm sure there are truthers in Madrid reading this, so come on out!!
Our under-construction website/blog, in Spanish: www.verdad11s.org

Great news

I imagine the events of 11 March '04 might also come under scrutiny by this group, no?


Muchas gracias, amigos!