Petition To FBI To Have An Adequate Investigation of 9/11 WTC Buildings

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I had a phone conversation with Don Meserlian, an 80 year old retired engineer about his plan to petition the FBI and found him to be very dedicated to the the 9/11 Truth cause. Here are some of his statements and the petition he is getting around to the 9/11 Truth Movement:
Take Care Matt

My goal is to have everyone in the 911 Truth movement send this petition to demand that the FBI do an acceptable job of investigating the scientifically based truth that pre-planned explosions caused the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7.

Whatever differences exist between organizations in the 911 Truth Movement should be put aside in order to make this petition as effective as possible. We all agree that hijacked planes and burning jet fuel did not cause the collapse of the Twin Towers and that the government's omission of the cause of Building' 7 collapse proves this government will continue to cover-up the truth about what happened in order to protect those responsible.

The job of the FBI is to first confirm our scientific evidence stated in the petition and to find those responsible for the crime of the century.

To date the FBI refuses to communicate with me. Only by a mass mailing of this petition will we be able to force this "public servant" to start doing what we are paying them to do.

Donald Meserlian,P.E., VOSI Chairman ( ) AKA "Pogo"

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

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I signed the Petition and sent it around

I am of the opinion that we support EVERY effort to get the truth out.

I agree...


I highly doubt the FBI is going to do anything to assist in getting any truth out...

They have effectively covered up far less serious events for years... And are only the "Heros" the movies and TeeVee News tell us they are when it is focusing its energies on Serial Killers, Crimes that siphon money away from the very powerful criminals, and so forth.... If that can even be asserted.

*Not saying that there are not honest, good, ethically correct, true believers in the FBI... There are good people in every Agency... Maybe even the person in the NSA reading this might be a good person deep down, and they know what they are doing is wrong on just about every level conceivable.