two 9/11 Truth calls to the Stacy Taylor Morning Show in San Diego
Here's a clip from the 9/27/07 Stacy Taylor Morning Show aired on 1360 KLSD in San Diego. Stacy gets a call from "Diane" who suggested Stacy invite Richard Gage to speak about 9/11 on his show. He glosses over her suggestion, then attempts to tell a story about how Ghouliani was accosted by "Ron Paul Supporters" who harrassed the "Mayor of America" about his involvement in 9/11, but then interrupts himself with an odd tangent about Mackinaw island. I then get some airtime w/ Mr. Taylor where I tell him about the warning he told Peter Jennings he recieved that the towers were going to collapse. You can listen to Rudy yourself at this link:
I also remind him that Rudy broke the law when he destroyed the crime scene of 9/11 by removing the evidence before any real forensic investigation could take place.
Stacy asked for links. here are some more.
the story Taylor references is here:

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Rudy said they were told that the Towers were going to collapse

On Sept. 11, 2001 Rudy Giuliani said to Peter Jennings "we were told the towers were going to collapse and then they did collapse". He is featured in 911 Mysteries saying this to Jennings. He has not told us who told him that yet though and he needs to do that. The second caller said Rudy said he was warned that Building 7 was going to collapse. Although that may be true also I think the quote with Jennings, about the towers collapsing, is what the caller was referring to.

Everybody needs to call in to talk shows about these somewhat obviously awkward things for the official story of 911 and confront people like Rudy, about things like who told his group that the towers were going to collapse, and how they knew that when there was no history of steel framed buildings completely collapsing from fire. Rudy and others also need to be asked why there was no legitimate forensic examination and reconstruction of the steel frame and why he got rid of 99% of it before that could happen. In other words, why did NIST only get 1% of the steel to test, which they essentially said was insufficient to make a determination with. We all need to keep hammering away and asking the pointed questions which haven't been answered.

we were told the towers were going to collapse

I am "Diane" who called Stacy Taylor

Al uh Looyah, I was so happy you followed up and expanded on my call. I was distracted and unprepared when Stacy took my call so I tripped over my words..wasn't very articulate.. and didn't get around to adding much more information. I did ,however , send him an email with info on AE911Truth. ...received no response of course. It's not the first time I have written to folks at KLSD about 911 truth.

FYI: I hooked up with some 911 Truthers from Huntington Beach. They have been passing out info on Sundays at the HB pier. Last weekend there were about 8 of us at main beach in Laguna. The response was about 90% positive. One of the highlights of the day was when a WWII vet stopped to talk to one of the guys and expressed his gratitude.

You were very credible!

You sounded like a normal nervous person . . . I think you came across well.

Good job!

Thanks Al

...and by the way I am a Kucinich fan...although I might consider Ron Paul depending on who gets
the Dem nomination. In my quest for 911 Truth I have enjoyed meeting the 911 Truthers who lean more toward the right ..or libertarian side. I and my close friends are on the it's intesting to hear how we all ended up on this same path. The Truth is the Truth. It's not left or right. A couple of the Truth guys voted for Bush twice and one used to listen to Rush. I am sickened by how corrupt/innept the Dems are... I
can only imagine how an awakened Christian, former Bush/Rush supporter might feel.

I'm REALLY embarrased to admit it, but....

I am an awakened FORMER Rush/Bush supporter. People can change.

good job

"I feel like a holocaust denier denier?" What a douchebag. Good job you guys!

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Great calls...

I heard this on my way to work the other morning. I remember thinking, "I wonder if I have met these people from the San Diego truth group." And I agree with you Abby.