WTC7 might have been a foul-up.

the fact that WTC7 did not collapse until 5.20 pm, several hours after the Twin Towers fell, may indicate that there was a foul-up in the plan. It would have made more sense if WTC7 had collapsed at about the same time as the North Tower. Consider....if it HAD collapsed at the same time, then the administration could easily have made the case that it was largely knocked down by falling debris from the North Tower. The piles of wreckage would have provided few clues to show that this was not true. Speculate that the explosives set in the building did NOT detonate at the appointed time, forcing them to act off-script, lighting some strange looking fires on a few seperated floors of the building to create a scenario that provided SOME justification for a collapse. That may be why the fires looked so unlikely. At 5:20 it was judged that they dared wait no longer, and having repaired the computer glitch or whatever it was that prevented them from blowing the building to coincide with the North Tower, they went ahead and demolished WTC7 hours late. That makes WTC7 absolutely a wide chink in their armour.

Which Tower?

Which tower had the top section breaking off and beginning to fall just as it disintegrated?

Was that top section meant to fall on Seven? Causing its collapse?

Just a thought

BLOGic It was the North


It was the North Tower I think. When the 30-odd floors started to tilt out, the rest of the building suddenly and inexplicably turned to jelly, allowing the tilting part to fall straight down. It sure looked like somebody blew the bottom section when he saw the top 30 floors starting to go. This could ave beeen to prevent widespread damage to other buildings in the neighbourhood. Or maybe the reflex action of a controlled demolition expert whose primary mission is to keep the entire building in it's own footprint.

Actually it was the South tower

who's top section titled and rotated as if on some fulcrum, then suddenly and inexplicably violates the laws of physics, somehow losing all lateral/rotational momentum, and drops straight down thru the path of most resistance at freefall speed.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Although ........

not cool to speculate when demanding the truth. How about this.......2.3 TRILLION missing from the pentagon. It would cover lucky Larry,the hush money for the victims families,and bribe money for all else involved



That 2.3 TRILLION missing dollars from the Pentgon budget in fiscal 1999 represents $8,000 for every man woman and child in the United States. When you consider the shortfall in fiscal 2000 of about 1.4 TRILLION dollars, you have to ask yourself where the average American citizen is getting this kind of money from ? How much tax do you guys PAY anyway ?.Just think....this is only the money that got lost, so how much got spent ?

Some think the Pennsylvania plane was for WTC 7

And that plan got screwed up.

When it wasn't hit, they had to drop it at some point, and chose 5:30 p.m. for some reason.

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WTC7.North Tower,Flight 93


Jeez, you might be right. I always thought that flight 93 was the odd man out. It seemed to be kind of aimless, purposeless. I suppose it makes perfect sense that all three WTC buildings should have been brought down by planes....after all, they all had explosives in place, but only two were hit by planes. So WTC7 robably WAS a foul-up.

I have often wondered why.....

.....the perps didn't blow 7 while it was hidden by the dust of the pyroclastic flow that enveloped lower Manhattan after the Twins were exploded. Or why they didn't wait until night fall and blow 7 under a cover of darkness that would have prevented all the damning film coverage.

A glitch might explain the former. And then, since YouTube and Google Video weren't around then, maybe they thought they could effectively bury any filmed coverage by not showing it on the corporate networks in the years to come. They didn't foresee what the Internet and cheap available DVD-burning technology could do to destroy the OCT.

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Flight 93

Flight 93 was supposed to hit WTC 7, but it got stuck in the runway 40 minutes.


Nobody had ever heard, or gave a crap about WTC7. They certainly weren't sending a hijacked airliner to hit it. That's the worst kind of speculation, the implausible kind.

Your speculation is even more implausible

Considering what agencies WTC 7 held, "they" would probably want it destroyed (I think, obviously, now), and the way to do that would be to hit it with a plane, and then demolish it with "explosives." When the plane failed, they used the "explosives" anyway. (it was half the height of the two towers and they couldn't bring it down without a reason, because, just like what is happening now, people question how it could fall otherwise)

That makes MUCH more sense then your anti-thesis.

"You should think before you speak."

(and if you did, woe be unto thee)

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To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

WTC7,Flight 93,North Tower

It makes a lot of sense indeed. When you think about the Twin Towers being knocked down by planes on 9/11, it would be easy to wonder why the same fate did not befall WTC7. That would have made for perfect symmetry. Could it be that a THIRD strike was planned, but that something went wrong, and they had to bring the building down 7 hours later after lighting some unlikely and unconnected fires on separate floors of the building. This to provide a cover story for the collapse. There was a story that flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania was held on the runway for some time, and only managed to take off 40 minutes later than scheduled. Could flight 93 have been meant for WTC7 ? Is THAT why flight 93 has always looked like the odd man out. A kind of aimless, purposeless flight. Food for a lot of thought.