Naked Politics - 9/11 Truth Tucson

Our friend Laura was doing a performance piece entitled "Naked Politics". Heather painted "Investigate 9/11" on the front of her body. On the back Eliane painted plants turning into oil derricks. With Dylan filming her, Laura went out onto the U of A campus wearing nothing but pasties, a gstring, and body paint. She was a designated "free speech zone". Heather invited participants to write whatever they wanted on her body. By the end of the day she was completely covered in messages ranging from silly to serious.

Article from TucsonCitizen, local paper:

It was definitely a performance--hats off to Laura

It was definitely a performance--hats off to Laura!

This was exceedingly interesting from the standpoint of the reaction of other students on campus!

It was as much an experiemnt as a protest., maybe, there is still hope? Laura Milkins was able to stroll for nearly three hours on the U. of Arizona campus! She collected contributions to her body art along the way and wasn't heckled in the extreme or incarcerated as soon as she showed herself!!

"After three hours, a lone female police officer finally walked up to Milkins on University Boulevard just outside the main gate. She politely explained that there had been a few complaints by people with kids. Milkins equally politely offered to put on her robe and end the piece. She'd done what she set out to do."

Ms. Laura Milkins made my day! I'm just left wondering if the mild reception she received, is evidence of a hynoptic trance the masses have succumbed by constant exposure to the corporate tube, or possibly, even HAARP or chem trails?

I do wonder about the lack of spontaneity?

...don't believe them!

we need a site:

"STRIPPERS FOR 9-11 Truth!"

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
- Dale Carnegie

About Time.

We've been trying to infiltrate all aspects of society, and its good to get a little of this artistic expression as well.