New Website For Those Looking At The Zionist Connection To 9/11 Truth

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
This website has some interesting information for those that are looking at the bigger picture of 9/11 Truth. I believe just blaming our government doesn't give us whole truth to who the evil ones are that planned 9/11.
This site: was created by a friend of mine who has been involved in the 9/11 Truth cause for a number of years. He has developed his awareness of 9/11 Truth to encompass a much larger picture which I believe has a lot of credibility to it. Bringing up the Zionist involvement in 9/11 will almost always bring on an attack of being called an anti-Jewish or anti-Semite person. I believe this is unwarranted because when seeking truth we need to follow the evidence no matter who or where it points to. If the evidence points to a Zionist connection to 9/11 then so be it. We all know that there are good people and evil people in every culture. Please take a few minutes to check this site out and I hope it helps you see the bigger picture to 9/11 Truth if you haven't found it already. Take Care Matt
When bringing up the words Zionist, Jewish (Jew) or Israel in the context of investigating 9/11 Truth I always make this disclaimer:

Mentioning Israel, Jewish (Jew) or the Zionist Movement in the context of investigating 9/11 Truth does not make me an anti-Semite or anti-Jewish person. There are many good Jewish people just like there are many good people all over
the world. There are also evil people all over the world. I'm just following where some of the 9/11 investigative evidence points to.


Your site has very little to do with 9/11, and I don't trust it.

"The Protocols of Zion?"

I'll find my own facts, thanks.

Ehhh... no thanks

Top entry: "Italian gansters and their Jewish bosses" -- wow, two ethnic slurs for the price of one! And then an uncritical link to Darryl Bradford Smith's repost of the Protocols? Get oudda here.

May I suggest the wtcdemolition blog for all your critical-thinking, ANTI-RACIST, anti-Zionist needs...

WTF is this garbage doing on

WTF is this garbage doing on the blogger?

Show "Yet another NWO humor website" by doughnut

When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Come

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Learn From History And Become Wiser

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Here is a book that Eustace Mullins recommended as one of the best in the last decade for every true patriot to read.
Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper now in its 5th Edition.
I also recommend watching the Money Masters a 3.5 hour video.
Both of these will help you learn from history and become wiser.
Take Care Matt

You are extremely naive..
what do you think "The Global Market", the European Union, the U.N,
OECD, NATO, CFR, the Bilderberg Group .... are all about ?
You WILL get the NWO, no-matter if you "believe" in it or not .
Even Dubyas daddy, the guy who doesn't remember where he was on the day of the JFK-assassination
has talked openly about the New World Order .
Most of the European countries have already lost their own currency, most laws passed in national Parliaments
are a result of "directives" from the non-elected EU-commission, the passports look the same, laws are being "harmonized"
so they are the same in the entire union.. I could go on and on ..

and YES, zionists also play a role in that, just as they did on 9-11.
Take a look at who the original signers of the PNAC-document are
and maybe more importantly : Who has gained the most from 9-11 ?
With the attitude you guys demonstrate you will never get the full truth about 9-11.
Why ? : because you don't have the guts to face the ugly truth, that's why .
As soon as somebody says something "bad" about anyone who just happens to be "jewish"
you start shouting "racist jew-hating anti-semite"..(as if jews are even a race)
so lets just forget about PNAC, Larry Silverstein, the dancing Israelis, Urban Movers
and the various suspicious people "of middle-eastern decent" who got themselves arrested (and quickly released again) on 9-11 .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Facts vs. ideology / dogmatism / cults of hatred

It's a fine line between calling out the elites, and demonizing groups irrationally.

I don't need to read opiniion pieces by neo-nazis in order to study Urban Moving Systems.

I have studied the issues quite well without relying on caustic, slimy, assholes who are still fighting WW2 (on the German side!)

The term "New World Order" is pretty lame and useless as well, as it means whatever you people claim it means, which changes with your needs in any particular rant.

Bush Sr. was referring to the fall of the Soviet Union, the big obstacle to capital's unfettered wars of aggression for resources. When communism fell, there was in fact a "new world order" that they hoped to create in their favor. This has nothing to do with illuminati, lizard people, or what have you, and everything to do with new opportunities for immoral warmongers.

What they needed next was a long term "external threat" that could never be defeated and must always be fought -- in resource rich target countries: "terrorism."

That's your "new world order." It's not a mystery cloaked in secret societies. It's neo-colonial aggression based on flimsy rationales.

Or, as I like to say, the conspiracy is BORING---

The rich want to keep getting rich, and screw everyone else. No NWO, alien, shapeshifting, lizard run secret cabals need apply. ;-)

Any site that links to "I am the witness" is out from word go for me--blame it on Nico fans posting "I am the witness" links ad nausium earlier this year...


He makes alot of good points

Judeo-American Zionism is the greatest evil of today.