The Third Tower

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Is there gunna be a HQ version for download ??

This ROCKS.... BIG TIME !!!

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HQ 640x480 XviD

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Downloaded all 237MB of this beauty...

I will be sure to add this to my little home made 9/11 Data DVDs that I give out...

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Dutch 9/11 truther Arie is The Man!!!!

Very nicely assembled!

I will be sending the link to all those "still not sure" people...thank you for producing material that is concise and fairly comfortable for the "nay sayers" to absorb. Great Work!

This is very good!

This is very good!


Excellent presentation.
Thank you Arie!

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.


Thank you Arie, this is an elegant 15 min. presentation that will open a whole lot of shut eyes.
That interview with Danny Jowenko is absolutely devastating to the Official Conspiracy Lie.

WTC 7 was actually mentioned in the official report

Great job on these vids Arie! Would have just liked to have seen the Bryan Jennings footage included though(I think you put it in your previous video).

Just a minor correction for you however:
-on the 2nd video with 4:23 remaining you state that WTC 7 wasn't mentioned in the official report.
-however, it's in fact mentioned 9 times (, search for "7 wtc". Of course, none of the 9 have to do with its collapse).

Hope that helps in making this vid as tight as possible!

Great Video

Where did you get the handheld video of building 7? The one with the two guys on the balcony talking? please contact me:

I would really appreciate it! thanks.

Next time someone wants to claim

that the front of WTC 7 had a huge gash and suffered heavy damage, show them this picture:

What appears to be heavy damage in some videos, was probably just the reflection of the Verizon Building, next door.

Here's the picture of the 'damage' on 9/11/01

What looks like blown out windows is probably just the shadows that the Verizon Building casts across them.

The 'gash' in this picture is too straight and clean. Looks like a bad photoshop job.